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Filing An Accident Claim With AAA Auto Club Insurance in CA

California welcomes thousands of visitors and out-of-state motorists every day. We love our tourists, but all of that new traffic can, unfortunately, lead to collisions at times. If you are forced into an accident by a careless driver, that driver could be from anywhere and carry car insurance from any of thousands of different insurance companies in America.

Get injured in a crash with a careless driver and you will get to know their insurance provider better than you’d like. One such company you may face in your attempt to get injury compensation is Auto Club Insurance sold through AAA.

Dealing with Auto Club Insurance After a California Accident

Triple-A Insurance through Auto Clubs across the nation is the perfect example of another obstacle victims in accidents can face. AAA isn’t one big insurance company that covers the entire nation. Instead, the company uses agreements with dozens of smaller “Auto Clubs” in each state.  For example, The Automobile Club of Southern California serves customers in and around Los Angeles for AAA.

If you’re in an accident with an Auto Club member, you could be dealing with one of over 30 auto clubs across the U.S., each with its own set of rules meant to limit how much support injured victims can expect as they recover.

As we’ll see, insurance companies already share a similar playbook to keep collision victims confused and in the dark about what they should be receiving. When you combine that maze of frustration with potentially different rules for every AAA branch, victims are at an even greater disadvantage.

Fortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer can sort through this mess to make sure victims are treated fairly and receive everything they need to rebuild their lives.

Car Insurance Tactics used by Auto Clubs and AAA

Injured victims face an uphill battle from the start when petitioning an insurance provider for an at-fault driver for help. Every bit of the evidence can stack up against an Auto Club’s policyholder, and yet insurance adjusters will still attempt to question your account of how an accident took place. They want to transfer some or all of the blame to you.

These are a few of the tactics insurance companies could use to stall or avoid paying you compensation:

  • Strategy of Stalling: AAA can declare they are overwhelmed by cases and haven’t had time to look over your claim yet. As the weeks and months pass you’ll be facing more and more late notices on your monthly bills and on medical invoices. Auto Clubs know that you will be getting nervous about your financial stability the longer they wait. Once you are good and desperate they can roll out their next tactic.
  • Lowball Settlement Offer: AAA can feel it’s the perfect time to extend an offer that contains a lot less money than you need. Insurance agents hope that you don’t know how much your injury is worth and how much any future care needed may cost you. If you don’t have a legal expert on your side, you might not know that it’s a lowball offer. You could sign away your chance of getting every medical bill covered by someone other than yourself.
  • Multiple Unhelpful Insurance Reps Handling your Case: Insurance companies won’t be assigning your case to a single adjuster who can make decisions and offer you more support. They’ll send your claim into a pool of underqualified insurance representatives. They work off a script to steer you towards accepting a low-value settlement.
  • Avoiding Attorney Talk:  Insurance companies get away with this “bad faith” behavior because many accident victims don’t have the benefit of a personal injury lawyer looking out for them. An experienced California attorney on your side will safeguard your interests and handle all communications with insurance adjusters. Insurance companies often drop their attempts to rob a victim of compensation simply because they know an attorney will call them out immediately.  Your attorney will also file your claim and make sure every hardship you’ve endured is listed and factors into the amount of money you receive.
  • Fail to Mention Deadlines: California allows personal injury victims up to two years to file an injury claim. The two-year countdown begins on the day of your accident. Other factors in your case can mean you have even less time to file. Insurance companies like AAA won’t bring this deadline up if you’re approaching your limit. Once you surpass the limit, you can no longer call on an Auto Club for support. Of course, your personal injury attorney will be well aware of any time limits involved and makes sure you are prepared to file your claim well before your time runs out.

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