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Hand Injuries In California Bicycle Accidents

Riders who enjoy cycling on local boulevards and through California neighborhoods use their legs and feet to get around. They also depend on their hands to steer and to hang on tight.

Unfortunately, their hands can also suffer major injuries when careless drivers cause California bicycle collisions.

Victims on bikes can find themselves with broken fingers and wrists and facing enormous medical bills. Those bills should never be the victim’s concern when a dangerous driver is to blame.

A Free Consultation for California Bicycle Accident Hand Injury Victims

It’s not just the costs of specialized care for broken hands and wrists that are so devastating for a victim’s wallet. Most people use their hands in their daily duties at work and that means victims may be away from their jobs for weeks or months as they heal. This leaves them no chance of earning money to pay for their care. It could also leave them behind on rent, car payments, and other normal monthly bills.

Victims shouldn’t have to bear these bicycle accident recovery bills alone. Anyone who plays a role in causing a Los Angeles hand injury accident must be held accountable for every hardship a victim faces. In order to make sure you aren’t held responsible for your costs of recovery, contact Maison Law of California for a free case consultation. Find out what you should be demanding for your injury.

California Bike Accident and Hand Injury Dangers

Bicycle accident victims routinely suffer damage to their fingers, thumbs, and wrists. It’s most people’s instinct to throw their hands out when they are falling to catch themselves. Cyclists are no different when they are knocked from their bikes.

Their hands, wrists, and arms are often front and center to absorb powerful blows with the ground.

The hand is made up of 27 bones and they are delicate, highly-functional body parts. Healing can take time and regaining full operation of fingers and thumbs can involve intense rehabilitation.

These are a few of the most common hand injuries after a California bicycle crash:

  • Hand Dislocations — Fingers, thumbs, and wrists can be dislocated and may need a brace after they are returned to their proper position.
  • Hand Fractures – Fingers can break along several joints. The metacarpals, the bones that form the palm of the hand, can also fracture. A broken finger usually takes about a month to heal, but it could take longer for the finger to return to full strength.
  • Hand Lacerations – Cuts and scrapes. In more serious cases, “road rash” means that rough surfaces like pavement and the ground tear skin off the hand. Infections are a worry and skin grafts may be necessary.
  • Amputations – Bad breaks in the hand bones may require surgical amputation. Cyclists can have body parts run over by vehicles to crush them and make recovery impossible. An infection may also make an amputation necessary.
  • Nail injuries – A fingernail can be cut or torn off. A lost fingernail could result in permanent disfigurement.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Seek After a California Bicycle Accident Hand Injury

To maximize your potential hand injury claim you’ll need to keep an accurate list of your hardships. Your California Bicycle Accident Lawyer will help you fill out this list to make sure nothing is left off. Any damage not on this list won’t be eligible to earn compensation from an insurance company.

Once your list and your claim are submitted, your attorney goes to work negotiating a fair settlement for you. These are just a few of the factors that will be used to determine the amount on your insurance settlement check:

  • Totals on medical bills.
  • Rehab and physical therapy. Money for specialized equipment helping people with hand injuries and providing prosthetic hands for those who have had a hand amputated.
  • Estimates on long-term support if a hand injury ends up causing a permanent disability. Support for career training if a hand injury leaves you unable to return to your previous job.
  • Travel costs to medical appointments while you are unable to drive.
  • Physical pain endured.
  • Emotional trauma endured. The anxiety you suffer after an accident. The PTSD symptoms from the impact and the depression you experience during recovery should also earn compensation.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. The distress of being unable to ride a bike for the duration of recovery.
  • Lost income from work including the expected future lost income anticipated.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Hand Injury Lawyer

After suffering any type of hand injury after a bicycle accident, contact a dedicated and highly regarded California personal injury lawyer at Maison Law as soon as possible.

You can obtain a consultation and case assessment at no cost or obligation at all. It’s an opportunity to find out what your injury is worth and how much insurance companies should be expected to pay.

If we enter into a retainer agreement with you, no legal fees at all are due unless we obtain a settlement or award for you. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation available for your hand injury.

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