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Bicycle Accident While Pregnant in California

When you are pregnant, safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind while bicycling. However, even when you are taking preventative measures to ensure that you are not involved in a bicycle accident, other drivers may not be looking out for your well-being. Though drivers are supposed to always be on the lookout for bicyclists, serious accidents still occur in the blink of an eye involving these vulnerable parties in California.

Being hurt in a bicycle accident in California can be a traumatic experience. This is made even worse when you are involved in an accident while pregnant. If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident while pregnant and believe that another party is at fault for your accident, it is important that you consider your legal options moving forward. Contact a California bicycle accident lawyer who will handle your case from start to finish.

Dangers for Pregnant Women While Bicycling

Though it is safe and even healthy to exercise during pregnancy, there can be risks to a pregnant woman on a bike – especially when a car accident occurs. One of the most dangerous risks is falling off of the bike, which can happen entirely on your own. However, there is also the risk that a pregnant woman can be knocked off of a bike and onto the ground when she is hit by a passenger vehicle.

Especially in the woman’s third trimester, she is likely to sustain a miscarriage or injuries to her fetus when knocked onto the ground. A car accident involving a bicycle can be incredibly forceful, which means that a woman or her unborn child can even be killed in one of these accidents.

Injuries to Pregnant Women Involved in Bicycle Accidents

When a bicycle accident occurs, a pregnant woman or her unborn baby can suffer from extensive injuries. Some of the common injuries that a pregnant woman can sustain in an accident include the following:

Premature Birth: If a baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, it is considered to be a premature birth. When a mother is in a bicycle accident, they are more likely to go into preterm labor and have a baby earlier than usual. 

High-Risk Pregnancy: A high-risk pregnancy can result when a mother and her unborn baby need to be monitored. After a bicycle accident with injuries, this is very likely to occur.

Placental Abruption: When a mother falls off of her bike in a bicycle accident, she is more likely to land on her abdominal area. The placenta could partially or fully split from the uterus before birth, leading to complications and high mortality rates to the baby. 

Injuries to the Uterus: Uterine injuries are likely to occur in an accident and can not only take the life of the unborn baby but also cause internal bleeding or death in mothers.

Miscarriage: Miscarriages occur when a mother is subjected to the violent force of a bike accident. In these circumstances, a mother unexpectedly loses her unborn baby.

How a Bicycle Accident During Pregnancy Can Affect Damages in a Claim

When a mother-to-be sustains a bicycle accident caused by a driver, she may wonder what options she has for recovery. After you have received medical treatment for your injuries and had your unborn baby monitored, it is important that you look into your options for financial recovery. A bicycle accident claim involving a pregnant woman is incredibly unique compared to other accidents. You may discover that you are eligible for some of the following damages:

  • Psychological pain and emotional suffering caused by the accident
  • Extensive medical treatment and testing to the mother and baby
  • Lost wages if the mother has to miss out on time at work due to being high-risk
  • Future medical bills to the mother or baby

Every claim is different in its own way. Speaking with a legal advocate can help you receive the results that you need to get back on your feet after a bicycle accident.

Contact a California Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today

As you work on your recovery after a bicycle accident, you may be stressed and concerned about your unborn child. You should never delay when it comes to seeking legal help during these challenging times.

At Maison Law, our California bicycle accident lawyers are here to help you as you navigate the legal system after an accident. The insurance company may come knocking, which can add stress to your situation. Luckily, we have the resources that you need to get back on your feet. Contact us today for a free and completely confidential case review.

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