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California Bike Manufacturer Liability Lawyer

Maison Law represents the victims of bicycle accidents caused by manufacturing defects and assembly mistakes in California. We make sure clients have the proof they need to hold a negligent manufacturer or retailer fully responsible for injuries caused by an unsafe bicycle.

Contact the California Product Liability Lawyers at Maison Law for a free case consultation. We want to hear about what happened so we can inform you of every benefit available to you and your family. Find out how to secure financial support from a major company so you can heal and return to the bike rides you love.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Bicycle Accident?

If a brake malfunction or a tire issue causes you to crash, but you only suffer very minor injuries, you may not need the help of a lawyer. You should be able to get a bike refund or replacement and/or take advantage of a bike recall on your own.

But if your injuries are more serious, it’s a good idea to speak with a California bike accident lawyer at Maison Law. A design flaw or parts malfunction would leave a bike maker liable for your recovery costs, but those big companies also have the money to pay teams of lawyers to get them off the hook. Lawyers and insurance adjusters get paid to find ways to blame you for an accident or limit the support you receive, at a time you’ll need it the most.

Maison Law protects you from this treatment. Our lawyers go to work collecting powerful evidence that proves a manufacturer or a bicycle store’s mistake caused your painful injury. Then we use that evidence to force at-fault parties to provide the maximum in compensation for you and your family.

Bicycle Manufacturing Accident Dangers

Cycling has always been about getting the most out of your body while relying on a small frame of metal, carbon, and rubber. But sometimes that bike frame and the parts it holds together can fail and put the rider at extreme risk.

Riding alongside heavy, fast-moving vehicles already puts riders in jeopardy. When bike parts fail, bicyclists can end up in ditches or out in the path of traffic.

Sometimes bicycle accidents aren’t the fault of a reckless driver or a careless rider. Sometimes the way a bicycle is made or assembled causes a dangerous issue. The failure of a key component that was designed with a flaw or made incorrectly could cause life-threatening consequences.

In a collision with an SUV or truck or with the road surface, riders might be carried away with broken bones, facial lacerations, neck and back injuries, and life-threatening head injuries.

These are just a few of the manufacturing and assemble issues that can put riders at risk of a devastating bicycle accident:

  • A problem with the implementation of disc brakes or rim brakes
  • Brake lines improperly installed
  • Tire and rim issues
  • A bike that was assembled wrong
  • A faulty bike chain
  • A gear that sticks
  • Loose bolts and nuts
  • Carbon and metal bike frame cracks and failures
  • Broken pedals and issues in the drive train

Riders have little more than a helmet and some thin clothing as protection. When a rider is knocked from a bike, the injuries can be major. There are often surgeries necessary and long-term physical therapy.

Any injury claim or lawsuit filed against a bike manufacturer needs to account for the months and years a victim may be suffering. A Maison Law lawyer battles back against big businesses and makes sure the client has enough support for however long it takes to get back on a bicycle.

Who Is Responsible if a Bike Breakdown Caused My Crash and Injury?

The manufacturers of any product have a duty to care for their customers and provide them with goods that are absolutely safe. When they sell a product directly to consumers or to a retail store and that item injures people, the company can be held fully liable.

These personal injury protections fall under product liability. When a company or a retailer allows someone to get hurt by a bicycle that’s made with defects, the company and store owners can be held accountable for every cost victims encounter during recovery.

Product liability cases usually hinge on showing the negligence of owners and operators of businesses. These would all be examples of negligence:

  • Bicycle Design flaws. No matter how well it’s made, an original defect in the design of a bicycle can cause a major problem for consumers. Companies like Trek and Santa Cruz may put bicycle designs through too little safety testing to catch a mistake. Companies may think there’s only a slight risk in their product and ignore any issues. A product can reach the production stage with a dangerous flaw that could hurt you or a family member.
  • Bicycle Manufacturing mistakes. A defect in the way bicycle parts are constructed can mean it’s a real hazard by the time it reaches store shelves. A bicycle parts manufacturer like Shimano could be to blame for a faulty part ending up on thousands of bikes.
  • Bicycle Assembly Mistakes: Problems with the way a bike is assembled could cause a traumatic injury while you are on the road. The company or store that assembled the bike could be liable for any injuries caused. The bike shop that worked on the bike could also be liable if a repair doesn’t hold, or parts aren’t refastened properly.
  • Bicycle Negligent marketing. A bicycle manufacturer may know about risks in the design and construction of the bike, but let it go to market anyway. This falls under the legal liability of “failure to warn.” Marketing teams from businesses must properly warn you of the risks of bringing such a device into your living room. Putting a warning on the back of instruction manuals or on a small sticker won’t always protect a company from liability if someone gets hurt. Instruction manuals themselves may be misleading and poorly written, leading to dangers.

In some cases, a product that caused you harm might’ve been under a recall, but a company didn’t do enough to alert bike owners. In other cases, the manufacturer may have already gotten several alerts on a problem that should have led to a recall, but it instead delayed taking action. Your lawyer will be going over every action and non-action of the company to force a bicycle maker to do the right thing for injured riders.

Compensation Available After a California Bicycle Crash

Your California bicycle accident lawyer will be collecting the evidence critical to getting the most out of your bicycle injury claim. Your lawyer examines the company’s practices and commitment to safety. Your lawyer could utilize accident reconstruction teams to show just how far off the road a tire blowout sent you.

You want to secure as much as possible in your case. This is vital to your future wellbeing because you won’t know how much an injury will affect your life in the years to come.

These are just a few of the factors that will determine how much you earn from a bicycle accident settlement check:

  • Past and future medical bills.
  • Estimates on the lifelong physical and emotional costs of permanent disfigurement.
  • Estimates on lifelong costs of a permanent disability suffered in a bicycle accident.
  • Support for the pain endured during recovery.
  • Support for the emotional trauma lived through. The anguish of not being able to get back on a bike.
  • Past and future lost income while having to miss work hours.
  • Repairs to bicycle or replacement.
  • Wrongful death benefits. The support a family should receive after having a loved one taken in a California bicycle accident. This can include money for a funeral and to pay leftover medical bills. A wrongful death claim also asks for help replacing the income the deceased can no longer provide in the coming years.

Contact a California Bicycle Collision Attorney

If you or a loved one are hurt by a defective bicycle, speak with a local California bicycle accident lawyer before saying a word to corporate lawyers and insurance adjusters. You should know about every benefit available to you and your family before corporate lawyers try to tell you otherwise.

The skilled lawyers at Maison Law offer free case consultations to all California bicycle accident victims. Contact us to schedule a case review. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your injury is worth and how to demand the maximum in compensation from the company or corporation that makes, assembles, or sells a faulty bike.

We are cycling advocates and want safe rides and safe bikes for all riders. If you feel we can help you earn more from a bicycle company, you won’t need any money to hire us. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our lawyer’s fee comes out of the settlement money a bike maker must pay you.

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