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Clovis Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Clovis bicycle enthusiasts can enjoy peaceful rides on Dry Creek Trail or the Fresno-Clovis Trail. But if they need to head to work or class, they’ll probably have to get out on Clovis Streets. Some local streets have bike lanes built in, but other busy roads will require riders to share lanes with sometimes careless drivers.

Motorists who don’t show cyclists the legal care they deserve can end up placing riders in critical danger. A strike from a car can send a bicyclist to the pavement or ground and leave them in the path of other cars. The wellbeing of injured riders will depend on the care they get. They must receive the best care available and be reassured that at-fault drivers will take responsibility for the cost.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a Clovis bicycle accident due to the negligence of a driver, you should seek professional legal advice before talking to an insurance representative. Insurance adjusters like to downplay the injuries riders receive and shortchange them on compensation when hospital bills come due.

Martin Gasparian founded Maison Law to provide accident victims with the best chance of securing the support they need to recover. Bicycle accident victims should get the best medical care available, without worrying about how much it costs. Mr. Gasparian fights for a cyclist’s right to the lanes and aggressively goes after insurance companies who like to keep injured riders waiting on support.

Contact Maison Law for a free case evaluation for victims and their families. Allow us to fight for your fair compensation while you focus on recovery and returning to your bike as soon as possible.

Bicycle Accident Dangers in Clovis

Bicyclists can take advantage of a network of bike paths, bike lanes, and bike trails across Clovis and into Fresno. You can view a map here provided by the City of Clovis showing the bike lanes available. Unfortunately, even protected bike lanes aren’t guaranteed to keep cyclists safe from the rush of traffic and reckless drivers.

Families can also be in danger when they take their children out for a bike ride in the neighborhood. Careless drivers should be showing riders young and old a “duty of care”, but they often aren’t watching the lanes and alongside the lanes for defenseless bicyclists.

The Clovis community suffers the devastating consequences of reckless drivers every year. California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) counted 19 bicycle vs. vehicle accidents resulting in injury in Clovis in 2021. That number was up from the 11 cases reported in 2020. In 2019, 21 bicycle crashes involving injury were documented.

When motor vehicles strike vulnerable cyclists, traumatic injuries are often the end result. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and other internal injuries are common. These types of wounds require weeks and months of hospital care and physical therapy. Having a Clovis bicycle accident lawyer on your case can bring you the assurance that an insurance company will pay for each and every medical bill you receive.


What To Do After Getting Hit on a Bike in Clovis

Bike accident victims can first take a hit from a vehicle and then absorb a powerful impact with the pavement. They are often left on the roadway where they are vulnerable to additional impacts from approaching drivers. Victims may suffer a serious injury and in the most severe cases, be at risk of losing their lives.

Clovis cycling accident victims could also be left in shock in the moments after a collision. But if they are left strong enough or someone with them can help, it’s important to get the accident documented and visually recorded. This evidence goes a long way towards holding a car insurance company for an at-fault driver fully liable for the recovery costs victims see. This proof prevents insurance adjusters from creating their own accounts of who was at fault.

Focus on collecting this evidence if possible:

  • Call 911 and make sure the Clovis Police are on the way.  Give a full account to officers so an accurate bicycle collision report can be created. Let paramedics check you out completely. Go to the emergency room if you need to.
  • Take photos. Document the scene. Show vehicle and bike damage, and damage to your clothing. Get pictures of any visible injuries. Show bike lane markings and traffic signs that were ignored by the driver. Take a picture of your helmet if you were wearing one.
  • Jot down the addresses of businesses or homes nearby that might have security cameras that recorded your accident.
  • Find out what witnesses saw and find out how your Clovis Bicycle Accident Lawyer can contact them for testimony.
  • Exchange information with at-fault drivers but don’t talk about who was at fault in the accident or how badly you were injured. Insurance companies can use these statements against you later. If a driver is working for a trucking company, a delivery company, or rideshare, try to get an employee number.
  • See your doctor in the days to come. Note any pain you didn’t feel on the scene but then noticed the next day. Get every injury documented. See specialists if you are advised to and attend physical therapy sessions if the doctor recommends them.
  • Keep your damaged bike and torn or bloody clothing. Don’t throw evidence out.

What Can I Earn Compensation for After a Clovis Bicycle Accident?

Once you’ve talked to a Clovis Bicycle Accident Attorney about what happened, your lawyer conducts a full investigation into the accident and the driver responsible.

Once your lawyer builds a strong case for you, you’ll then file an injury claim with the insurance company seeking a fair settlement check. This claim must include a list of every bill and non-economic damage you’ve suffered during recovery. Anything that gets left off could end up as a cost you must cover out of your savings.

These and other hardships will contribute to the amount you see in a Clovis bicycle accident injury settlement:

  • Costs of medical bills now and those expected in the future.
  • Estimates for care over a lifetime for permanent disfigurement or permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering. This includes the non-economic damage you endure emotionally in the accident and during recovery. You may suffer from anxiety after a major collision. Depression may arise in recovery as you experience a loss of enjoyment of life. Being off your bike for an extended time can contribute greatly to emotional trauma.
  • Compensation for bicycle injuries to children. Young bicycle accident victims require additional support for injuries now and in the future. An injury during the formative years can affect a child’s growth and development in the years ahead. Settlement money must be secured to pay for any health issues to come.
  • Bicycle accident wrongful death benefits. Families who receive the tragic news that a loved one has been taken in a bicycle accident must act to protect themselves financially. They’ll require support to pay for funeral costs and leftover medical costs, and help with replacing the income the deceased can no longer provide the family in the future.
  • Past and future lost earnings.
  • Repairs to bicycle or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a Clovis bicycle accident injury claim?

Two years. You’ll have to file your injury claim before two years have passed since the accident date or risk having your case rejected. You should take action sooner rather than later before important evidence disappears.

Can I earn compensation for a bicycle accident if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Yes. You can often secure full compensation after getting injured in a bicycle accident, even if you weren’t wearing a bicycle helmet. Drivers are still liable for the injuries they cause.

Do I need a lawyer after a Clovis bicycle collision?

For any injury beyond scrapes and bruises, you’ll probably need a lawyer to secure full compensation for recovery bills. When an insurance company tries to blame you instead of its driver for an accident, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer.

Contact a Clovis Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After a bicycle accident, please rely on an experienced Clovis bicycle accident attorney to handle your case and protect your interests. Insurance companies aren’t required to tell you about every benefit available to you. When you aren’t informed of your rights you can lose out on valuable resources and end up paying for some of your bicycle accident recovery costs out-of-pocket.

That should never be the case when you are put through such a traumatic accident through no fault of your own. Take advantage of a free case consultation that comes with no obligation to you or your family.

Maison Law is a strong advocate for safe rides for all cyclists. We strive to see injured cyclists get the support they need to recover and return to their bikes.

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