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Negligent Security

When Negligent Security Results in Injury

“Negligent security” is a rather broad term that can mean a number of things. Security may involve people, objects or automated systems. If a person ...
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Intentional Tort

What is Intentional Tort?

Intentional tort is a type of tort categorized by a wrong resulting from an intentional action. The term is often confused, as there are distinct ...
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Suing a Government Entity

Unique Issues When Suing a Government Entity for Injury

Suing a government entity is not the same as suing an individual or even a company. These claims can present a number of obstacles, which, ...
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Dog Bite

When To Seek Damages for a Dog Bite

The area of law that concerns dog bites differs from state-to-state, with the majority of states operating under either negligence or strict liability standards. California ...
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