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Man Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Sierra Avenue in Clovis

Motorcycles, Distracted Auto DriverClovis is always bustling, which means that traffic is traveling from one destination to another every hour of the day. With nearby locations such as California State University and Fresno Yosemite International Airport, it is no surprise that the highways are clogged with traffic throughout a day’s time. The increase in traffic in many areas puts motorcyclists at risk.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have few protections from harm in the event of an accident. This means that they are more likely than other parties to become seriously injured or even killed in the event of an accident. If a motorcyclist has become injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party, it is crucial that they understand their legal options moving forward.

Motorcycle Crash with Injuries on Sierra Avenue in Clovis

A man was injured in a motorcycle accident that took place in Clovis on Thursday evening. The accident, according to Your Central Valley, happened around 6:46 p.m. at the intersection of Sierra Avenue and Cypress Avenue on March 21, 2024.

When Clovis Police responded to the scene, they discovered that a motorcyclist was traveling west on Sierra Avenue while the driver of a passenger vehicle was pulling out of a side street. The vehicle and the motorcycle forcefully collided as a result, causing the motorcyclist to be thrown off onto the ground and the motorcycle to get wedged under the back of the vehicle.

Paramedics, fire crews, and numerous other responders were immediately dispatched to the scene. The motorcyclist, who has only been identified as a man in his 30s, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The driver of the passenger vehicle remained on scene and was not hurt.

No further details have been released at this time but the investigation into the accident continues.

Damages Available for Victims of Motorcycle Accidents in Clovis

Many motorcyclists are left in one of the most difficult positions of their lives following an accident. These accidents typically lead to severe injuries, which means that you could have a long recovery before you that you were not prepared for. With the help of a lawyer, you can bring a personal injury claim and successfully recover the following damages:

  • Medical expenses you have experienced
  • Medical expenses you expect to incur in the future
  • Lost wages and future lost income due to missed time at work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Therapy costs
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

As the bills continue piling up, you may be concerned about how you will move forward financially. Speaking with a legal advocate can help you hold all responsible parties accountable for the harm that they have caused you.

Contact a Clovis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is normal to feel confused and alone after a motorcycle accident in Clovis. If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a negligent party, our Clovis motorcycle accident lawyers at Maison Law are here to help you protect your rights. We will put your claim into perspective and walk you through the legal process. Please contact us today for more information, as well as for a free and confidential legal consultation.


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