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Can a Dash Cam Improve My California Injury Claim?

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Dash Cams and Injury Claims

There’s all kinds of evidence that you can use in a typical injury claim in California. With today’s technology, there’s seemingly endless options for video footage, as well. Combining these two concepts is the strength of a dashboard camera, or a dash cam. But you may be wondering if these devices are legal, and if they are, can they improve your claim? The answer to both questions is yes, but it’s important to understand how they work within the confines of a legal case.


Simply put, dash cams are legal in California. However, there’s a few requirements for them, most of which have to do with the safety and privacy of your passengers. There are two main requirements for using a dash cam in your car:

  • It can’t obstruct your view out of your rear windows
  • If it is recording audio, you have to inform any passengers

With that established, it’s clear that you can use a dash cam. But the reasons why you would want to use one are also fairly straightforward: it provides video if there’s an accident. At the same time, though, it’s like any other piece of evidence in that it could also be used against you.

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How Can a Dash Cam Improve My Injury Claim?

Having dash cam footage of your car accident is certainly important evidence in your injury claim. But remember that it’s only part of the evidence. As such, it’s still one of the more powerful things you can show a jury or insurance adjuster. Here’s a look at how this footage can help your claim:

  • Providing an objective account – Dash cam footage provides an objective record of the events leading up to and during an accident. This can be crucial in establishing the facts and proving your version of the incident, helping to avoid disputes over liability.

  • Proving fault – The footage captured by a dash cam can clearly show who was at fault in the accident. This evidence can be pivotal in demonstrating the negligence of the other party, supporting your claim for damages.

  • Timeline of events – Dash cam recordings create a chronological timeline of events, helping to reconstruct the sequence leading to the accident. This timeline can be valuable in presenting a coherent narrative of the incident to insurance companies or a jury.

  • Verifying your injuries – Dash cam footage can document the immediate aftermath of the accident, capturing any visible injuries, damage to vehicles, or reactions of those involved. This visual evidence can help corroborate your injury claims and provide a more comprehensive picture for your case.

  • Witnesses – In some instances, the dash cam may capture the reactions or statements of bystanders or other drivers at the scene. This can serve as independent witness testimony, supporting your account of the events and strengthening your injury claim.

Other Evidence

In an injury claim, it’s your job to show the full extent of your damages. While dash cam footage can be an important part of your overall claim, a strong injury claim for damages is also going to have things like:

  • Medical records and expenses
  • Work schedules, tax returns, and pay statements showing lost wages and income
  • Reports and records from visits to a therapist to show the emotional and psychological impact of the accident
  • Testimony from witnesses who can provide their account of what happened and also how the accident has impacted you personally

In the aftermath of any car accident, it’s important to do everything you can to take advantage of your legal rights. Whether this means filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, our team can stand by you from start to finish.

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