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Can I Sue PG&E If My Car Is Destroyed in a Wildfire?

Yes. PG&E is responsible for all damages caused by wildfires the utility company had a hand in starting. Victims should demand reimbursement for all property damage such as the loss of a garage and vehicles.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) contributed to the eruption of several massive wildfires across California over the past several years. They’ve been ruled liable for the damage those fires have caused. People lost their homes and their possessions, including their vehicles. Victims can seek damages from a fund set up for victims and also sue PG&E by filing lawsuits and demanding help with recovery.

California Wildfire Dangers and Property Damage

Investigators have blamed PG&E for starting over 30 wildfires in California since 2017. They found that the utility giant’s focus on profits instead of upgrades to their power grid left power lines and aging equipment vulnerable to storm damage. The company was also blamed for not clearing trees that threatened power lines during high wind events.

Aging lines and towers sparked fires like the Mosquito Fire in 2022 and the Camp Fire of 2018. The flames claimed lives and destroyed billions of dollars in property.

Victims had to evacuate in a rush and find new places to live and in many cases, find new transportation. Homes, family cars and SUVs left behind were often consumed by flames. Some victims had no roads left open in the area to drive their cars to safer ground.

Wildfire victims suffered physical, emotional, and financial hardships and continue to suffer to this day. PG&E went into bankruptcy for a time, but out of that filing, a Fire Victim Trust was formed and funded by the company. By drawing on this fund and by filing lawsuits against PG&E, victims can earn the money they need to rebuild their savings, their homes, and their lives. That includes help in replacing their possessions and vehicles.

Securing Compensation for Wildfire Car Damage

Families victimized by wildfires absolutely have the right to seek full compensation for their costly recoveries. That can include money to pay to have homes rebuilt, garages restored, and their vehicles replaced. For fires that PG&E was found responsible for, the utility company should be fully liable.

The funds to repair or replace a burned car, a motorcycle, or an RV will be vital to the recovery of wildfire victims. Victims may still have to make car payments on a vehicle that no longer exists. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance usually won’t cover the loss of a car, even if it was in a garage when the wildfire roared through.

A basic auto Insurance policy usually wouldn’t cover a fire-damaged car either. In some cases, additional comprehensive coverage or supplemental fire insurance would help replace a burned vehicle. Sadly, most people don’t carry these additional policies.

Any costs not covered by insurance providers would be eligible to come from PG&E settlement money. The money might also have to come from a courtroom award if a lawsuit became necessary.

These are just some of the hardships from the loss of a car that could be covered in a wildfire settlement check:

  • The repair of a car damaged by smoke and flames.
  • The replacement of a vehicle destroyed by the wildfire.
  • The rebuilding of a garage if a homeowners insurance company doesn’t cover the full cost of replacement.
  • Loss of Paychecks. The lost vehicle may have been your only way of getting to work.
  • Money to replace personal property inside the car.

Earning Support for Your California Wildfires Damages from PG&E

PG&E’s liability has been clearly established in many of these fires, but their insurance providers will still try to limit the support suffering families in need will receive. Thankfully, a skilled California Wildfire & Utility Claim Lawyer will help you and your family secure help for your wildfire damages now and the continuing hardships you’ll face.

To find out how to hold PG&E accountable for the loss of your cars and recreational vehicles, please contact Maison Law for a free and confidential case consultation. If you feel we can help you earn the most possible from PG&E, you won’t need any upfront money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the money PG&E awards you.


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