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Pedestrian Dangers Involving DUI Drivers on Herndon Avenue In Clovis CA

Pedestrians can have dangerous journeys in the busiest sections of Clovis. They can be asked to cross eight and nine traffic lanes in a very short time. They must also trust that drivers are paying attention and in full control of their vehicles.

That control can’t be counted on when a driver is behind the wheel while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Pedestrians will be vulnerable to motorists who can’t fully focus on the road and may not have the awareness to even hit the brakes when a collision can no longer be avoided. Those on foot can be subjected to major impacts and have their lives threatened.

DUI Suspect Badly Injures Pedestrian in Clovis

A pedestrian received major injuries after getting struck by a driver in Clovis Monday night. ABC-30 TV reports the accident occurred at the intersection of East Herndon Avenue and North Sunnyside Avenue on June 20, 2022.

Clovis Police responded to the scene sometime after 9 p.m. They found a man who was injured after getting struck by a car. The man was taken to the hospital where he is said to be in critical condition.

The driver responsible, a 44-year-old Clovis man, remained on the scene. He was arrested under suspicion of DUI. He was then taken to the Fresno County Jail.

Financial Support for Pedestrian Victims in Clovis

Pedestrians struck by vehicles can suffer severe injuries. Broken arms and legs are common. Traumatic brain injuries are often suffered as a victim may take a blow to the head from the car and in a fall to the pavement.

The range of traumatic injuries makes it that much more important for victims and their families to seek as much in compensation as possible. They won’t know how long it will take for those injuries to heal, or if those injuries could create issues in the years ahead.

Victims and their close relatives can seek support by filing an injury claim with an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. This claim asks for help with all current medical bills and those expected in the future. The lost income and benefits a victim misses out on while out of work must also be reimbursed. The physical pain and emotional trauma a victim endures should also factor into any insurance settlement offer.

Contact a Clovis Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

After you or a loved one has become the victim of a careless driver, reach out to a Clovis Pedestrian Accident Attorney for a free consultation on your best options and to learn about your rights.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, works to protect those hurt in serious accidents. He strives to see that pedestrian collision victims receive everything needed to help ease their hardships through such a difficult time. Mr. Gasparian also wants to make sure victims and family members aren’t left facing financial hardships years down the road.


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