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Is Better Call Saul A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Yes. Saul Goodman is a fictional character who takes on some personal injury accident cases, while also defending criminal clients. The show “Better Call Saul” depicts a lawyer who displays many of the worst qualities in a potential legal representative.

His funny and sometimes criminally negligent abuse of the law serves as a good example of what you don’t want in a personal injury lawyer.

Saul Goodman’s Questionable Legal Resume

Saul’s career spans the length of two highly-regarded TV dramas. His glory days involve him becoming a stereotypical dishonest lawyer who advertises on TV. He promises big settlements and plays fast and loose with the law.

A personal injury lawyer is someone who assists clients in earning financial support after an accident caused by the negligence of someone else. Personal injury lawyers fight to make sure insurance companies for at-fault parties provide fair financial support to victims. These lawyers defend the victims of traffic collisions, trip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, and many other types of accidents.

Saul Goodman takes on these duties, but he rarely sticks to legal methods to win his cases.

Breaking Bad

He’s a criminal lawyer and personal injury lawyer in “Breaking Bad.” He helps illegal drug makers, Walt and Jesse, grow their business and avoid legal consequences.

He also welcomes clients of all kinds into his office and usually employs an unethical and illegal strategy to earn them compensation. In a scene from Breaking Bad, he has multiple neck-braces on hand to help a client fake an injury from falling airplane crash debris.

Lawyers who show up on accident scenes and “chase ambulances” to sign up clients don’t have the best reputations and deservedly so. They are often only looking to secure a payday from insurance companies with as little effort as possible.

The victims in these cases don’t usually earn the maximum compensation for their hardships. They often receive a settlement check that leaves them to cover medical bills in the future when their injuries flare-up or they miss more time at work.

Better Call Saul

In Better Call Saul, Saul is a court-appointed lawyer who accepts cases from the New Mexico court system. Saul goes to creative and problematic lengths to get his clients off the hook. The clients sometimes walk free, but Saul’s unique style leaves them vulnerable to further prosecution down the line.

In Better Call Saul we also learn that as a younger man, Saul would engineer fake slip-and-fall injuries to scam businesses out of insurance money.

In the first few episodes, an older Saul is the victim of a fake pedestrian accident scheme. Instead of blowing the whistle, he gets the two perpetrators to help him pull off a pedestrian collision scheme of his own to help him secure a client.

Finding A Lawyer Who Is The Opposite of Saul Goodman

When you’re hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should never face the consequences of your mishap alone. An at-fault driver in another car or a supermarket owner at a store where you are hurt in a fall should provide support for your hospital bills and lost wages.

You aren’t doing this to make a profit. You are doing this to protect yourself and your family as your bills pile up. You are hoping to avoid a financial crisis over an accident that wasn’t your fault.

This compensation is only fair for what’s happened. It’s provided to cover all medical expenses and makes sure victims have what they need to restore their lives to normal. Taking illegal actions and lying about what happened is never an acceptable path to securing money from insurance companies.

A legal professional doesn’t chase clients simply to make a buck. A reputable attorney also doesn’t make ridiculous promises to clients in order to get them to sign up for representation.

Take the time to choose a skilled, experienced, and ethical personal injury lawyer. Check out reviews from other clients. Seek referrals from other lawyers you’ve worked with. Take advantage of a free consultation with a potential personal injury lawyer and find out if the lawyer’s personality is the right fight for you.

You want to be entertained by fictional lawyers like Saul Goodman, but never hire someone like him for your personal injury case.


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