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Bicycle Collisions Involving Vehicles On California Ave In Bakersfield CA

Many major roads through Bakersfield appear to have enough room for bike lanes and, yet, remain without them. These lanes would offer much safer rides for local cyclists and prevent countless accidents each year that threaten the lives of those on bikes.

Without the presence of bike lanes, careless motorists have a much easier time forgetting about their duty to keep cyclists safe no matter where they encounter them. A large vehicle can suddenly veer over on a cyclist who has every right to the lane in the absence of bike lanes. These mistakes by drivers can have devastating consequences for defenseless riders.

Bicyclist Tragically Killed Near Downtown Bakersfield

A man traveling by bicycle was struck and killed by a motorist on Tuesday afternoon just south of Downtown Bakersfield. 23ABC-TV reports the accident occurred around 12:28 p.m. near the intersection of California Avenue and S Street on January 4, 2022.

The Bakersfield Police Department says the bicyclist struck died from his injuries at the scene. The victim was only identified as an adult male.

Investigators say the driver involved remained on the scene after the collision. Police Officers continue their work to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Seeking Assistance for Families After a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident

Bakersfield bicycle accident victims can suffer severe injuries in encounters with drivers. In the worst incidents, families can suddenly be left without the emotional care and financial support a loved one always provided.

Nothing can bring back the life of a loved one taken in an irresponsible act. However, families can seek to protect themselves from the monetary hardships that often arise in the weeks and months after a Bakersfield bicycle accident.

Families may file a wrongful death claim against an at-fault driver’s auto insurance. This civil claim attempts to recover what’s fair for expenses from a funeral service. Ambulance fees and emergency services charges should also be included in this claim. The family must also request reimbursement for the financial support from the victim they’ll now be without. This claim serves to protect the finances of the family now and in the difficult years ahead.

Contact a Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve had a loved one taken from your family in a tragic bicycle accident, don’t trust your financial recovery to an insurance adjuster. A skilled Bakersfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer fights to secure the maximum support for close relatives and handles insurance companies while providing as little disruption to the family as possible.

After a bicycle accident contact attorney Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, to discuss your options in a free consultation. Allow an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your family’s rights after a tragedy.


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