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Snow and Ice Travel Dangers Along I-5 In Grapevine in Kern County CA

California offers tourists and lifelong residents all the sunshine they can handle, but our state is also a place of dramatic elevation changes.

Mountain passes utilized by major freeways are prone to ice and snow storms when moisture moves in. This sudden travel issue can catch drivers by surprise and careless motorists might be tempted to ignore adverse conditions and maintain their speeds and risk a loss of control.

Drivers can lose control in a curve or hit the brakes only to slide on accumulated ice. This careless behavior can threaten other motorists in nearby lanes and strand injured victims during a major storm. Care should always be taken when bad weather changes road surfaces and makes elevated speeds a hazardous idea.

Interstate 5 Closed Due to Snow and Ice in Southern Kern County

The California Highway Patrol closed all lanes of Interstate 5 in a mountainous region of Southern Kern County on Thursday, December 30, 2021. KFSN-TV reports the closure is due to snow and ice along the Grapevine Canyon region near the community of Grapevine, north of Lebec.

The National Weather Service also warned of potential issues along Tejon Pass just south of Lebec.

The California Highway Patrol out of the Bakersfield office advised travelers that State Route 58 remained open at Tehachapi. This detour route is recommended for those driving between the Central Valley and Southern California.

Accident Liability During Icy Conditions on Interstate 5

Drivers may think that mother nature can be blamed when cars collide during a snow storm. However, this isn’t usually the case. Drivers are almost always found to be a fault in accidents involving bad weather.

The speed limit posted along the interstate is only the limit in normal conditions. Motorists are always required to travel at speeds safe for conditions. If conditions change, all motorists are legally bound to slow down and maintain speeds that allow them to avoid accidents.

Traveling too fast and being unable to stop on icy road surfaces won’t be an excuse when a Highway Patrol officer investigates an accident.

Careless and reckless drivers can be charged in snowy weather accidents and be held liable for cars they hit and the victims they injure. The driver’s auto insurance provider must be held fully responsible for all recovery costs for victims.

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