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Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles on Highway 154 in Santa Barbara County

With the ups and downs of mountain highways in Santa Barbara County, vehicles can build speed and drivers may not realize how fast they are traveling. Motorists can also become distracted by a text message or some other distraction in the car and suddenly be in the path of other vehicles.

These lapses in attention and judgment can lead to devastating collisions and place drivers and passengers in harm’s way.

Four-Vehicle Accident in Santa Barbara County

A multi-vehicle collision in central Santa Barbara County sent several people to the hospital early Tuesday morning. KSBY-TV reports the accident took place along Highway 154 near Los Olivos on December 7, 2021.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department responded to the scene. Fire officials say four vehicles were involved in the crash. Pictures from the scene show a black car had major damage to the driver’s side and an SUV was turned over in the incident.

In all, four patients were taken to the hospital. Their conditions have not been updated. The California Highway Patrol continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Securing Financial Support for Santa Barbara County Accident Victims

Victims in scary accidents may be in shock and have a lot of adrenaline flowing in the moments after an impact. This stress and energy can mask the symptoms of a serious injury.

Patients may not know how serious their wounds are until the next day when the shock has worn off and the pain of a major injury is more noticeable. No matter the seriousness of the injuries, victims should never have to pay for their own care in an accident they weren’t to blame for.

Filing an accident claim against an at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy can help with all medical costs and replace the lost wages a patient suffers while having to miss valuable time at work.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Serving Santa Barbara County

Accident victims can require the help of an experienced legal professional to make sure they are treated fairly and receive fair compensation for what they’ve been through. Don’t trust an insurance company to inform you of your rights as a victim and the benefits available to you and your family.

After an accident involving a serious injury, contact a skilled Santa Barbara County Car Accident Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free case consultation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that accident victims and their families should work directly with their lawyers in order to protect their interests.


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