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Accidents Involving Head Injuries On I-5 In Lebec CA

Interstate 5 provides a heavily-used route spanning the entire state. It’s also one of the most dangerous stretches for motorists in California.

Fast-moving traffic zooms through Kern County and not every driver stays focused on the multiple lanes in front of them. Motorists can take a glance at a text or be distracted by a conversation with a passenger and not realize where their vehicle is heading.

Drivers could fail to slow down for stopped traffic ahead, or miss noticing their vehicles are traveling into another vehicle’s lane. These lapses in attention can lead to major collisions and cause serious injuries.

I-5 Collision in Lebec Results in a Head Injury

An accident along I-5 in southern Kern County injured one person Monday morning. KGET-TV reports the accident took place along the interstate at the Frazier Mountain Park Road interchange on December 28, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the accident around 10:45 a.m. in the Lebec area. They said the two-vehicle collision occurred in the southbound lanes.

One person suffered a head injury and a helicopter was requested for transport to the hospital. The person’s condition wasn’t released. It is not known if other drivers or passengers received injuries.

California Highway Patrol investigators continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Seeking Help for Interstate 5 Accident Victims

After a major interstate accident, victims can be left to recover from severe injuries. The last thing they need or their families need is a stack of bills left unpaid. These financial worries serve to leave victims unable to focus on healing.

When a driver’s careless mistake is to blame, the driver’s insurance company should be first in line to help victims pay for the best care available. A claim for damages filed against the insurance company also asks for financial support while the victim is unable to work while receiving medical care. A personal injury attorney makes sure all hardships victims and their families face are factored into the amount of compensation insurance adjusters must provide.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Serving Central Valley and Southern California Victims

Martin Gasparian, of Maison Law, wants to protect the rights of victims and their families. Mr. Gasparian gives them a voice when insurance companies attempt to restrict the compensation they receive.

It is critical that you are informed of the benefits available to you while recovering from a serious injury before insurance adjusters try to take them away. Contact a Central Valley and Southern California Car Accident Lawyer so that we can oversee your case.


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