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Hit by a Truck, Fresno

Dangerous Rollover Accidents on Calle Joaquin In San Luis Obispo CA

Collisions at San Luis Obispo intersections can release powerful forces on impact. In accidents involving traffic traveling at full speed, vehicles can be struck hard enough to send them rolling over.

Rollover accidents present some of the most predictable and serious dangers for the occupants of vehicles. Victims will get tossed around the vehicle to strike the ceiling, car doors, the car dash, and the backs of seats. The resulting injuries can be serious and patients can face long, expensive recoveries in the weeks to come.

Two-Vehicle Rollover Collision in San Luis Obispo

One victim had to be rescued from a vehicle after a collision in southwest San Luis Obispo Wednesday morning. FOX11-TV reported the accident occurred around 9:20 a.m. at the intersection of Calle Joaquin and Los Osos Valley Road on November 10, 2021.

San Luis Obispo Fire Officials say they arrived on the scene to find a car rolled over on the roadway and another vehicle in the intersection. One victim was extricated from a vehicle by the San Luis Obispo Fire & Rescue Crew.

Two people suffered injuries in the accident. Officers continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Finding Help for Victims After a San Luis Obispo Accident

Victims should never have to face the enormous costs of their medical recovery alone. At-fault drivers and their insurance companies must be held accountable for every damage victims and their families endure.

Financial support should include the lost wages the victim suffers while away from work. It can also factor in the emotional toll a difficult recovery can take on the victim. Depression and anxiety stemming from a frightening crash should earn additional compensation for victims.

Victims should get checked out by their own physicians after an accident, even if they think their injuries are only minor. The shock and adrenaline experienced in the moments after a crash can mask the pain that signals a more serious injury.

It may be a day or two later when the shock has worn off that a victim notices additional side effects from the collision. It’s important to get these new injuries documented so that proper compensation for treatment can be earned.

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After an accident injures you or a loved one, contact an experienced San Luis Obispo Car Accident Attorney such as Martin Gasparian. He offers a free and confidential consultation for you and your family.

Insurance companies for the at-fault driver won’t tell you everything that’s available to you after a traffic accident. Mr. Gasparian works to protect victims and makes sure they know their rights and know about every benefit available to them.


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