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Dangerous Head-On Collisions On Hwy 152 In Santa Clara County CA

Busy two-lane highways across rural Santa Clara County often carry more cars, SUVs, and trucks than you’d expect. These narrow routes can leave opposite lanes of traffic passing very closely as they travel full speed in either direction.

This speed and proximity leave drivers at risk of losing focus and ending up inches over the center yellow lines. Other drivers have no way to anticipate this type of error and will have little chance of steering clear of a devastating collision.

Weekend Head-On Collision Claims One Victim in Santa Clara County

A head-on collision involving two pick-up trucks tragically took one life and left two others injured Sunday afternoon in southern Santa Clara County. KION-TV reports the accident took place along Highway 152 between Bloomfield Avenue and San Felipe Road, east of Gilroy on November 14, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says a Toyota Tacoma crossed over the centerline for an unknown reason and hit a Dodge Ram head-on. One person was killed in the impact. Two other people suffered injuries.

California Highway Patrol investigators are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the collision.

Securing Financial Help for Families After a Santa Clara County Accident

The families of victims in traffic accidents don’t usually get the time they need to grieve when so many bills arrive in the mailbox after a tragedy. Loved ones can have the cost of medical bills, emergency response fees, and the charges from a funeral home all piling up.

A wrongful death claim is filed by a spouse, children of the victim, or other family members on behalf of the entire family. This lawsuit is directed at the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. It seeks to provide help with immediate costs and sets out to earn financial support for years to come as the family copes with the loss of the financial support the deceased can no longer provide.

Surviving victims of head-on collisions must often deal with long, expensive recoveries. A claim for damages can be filed against an insurance company in order to shield the victim from hospital and doctor bills. The claim also demands reimbursement for the time at work the victim has lost.

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