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Tesla Cams May Be Helpful in California Personal Injury & Accident Cases

tesla model 3 imageTesla vehicles merge innovation and convenience for many drivers in the Golden State. These revolutionary cars have proven they are more than a novelty. Owners are hooked on Tesla’s efficiency and hi-tech options, including a self-driving mode.

One often-overlooked feature that comes standard on the Tesla may even offer legal protection if a negligent driver lands you in a collision. “TelsaCams” onboard your vehicle constantly monitor what’s going on around your car. “TeslaCams” have been catching accidents for several years now. But you may have wondered if they may help prove your innocence after a crash.

What if you are forced into a collision by a careless driver on a California freeway? Or what if your parked Tesla is struck by a hit-and-run driver while you’re away? Can your TeslaCam serve as a trustworthy witness in a personal injury case?

TeslaCam and California Car Accident Benefits

Dash cams are nothing new, but the way Tesla is utilizing this security feature is breaking new ground. Tesla now features at least eight cameras peering out in all different directions. Engineers have even merged the view to provide 360 degrees of monitoring.

The security feature records anytime another vehicle or person gets too close. Drivers are now able to view these mishaps and near-misses on the playback screen inside their cars from any camera angle.

TeslaCams have recorded footage of thousands of accidents involving Telsa drivers. They’ve also caught nearby accidents Telsa vehicles weren’t even involved in. Of course, TeslaCams also catch a lot of close calls that make for popular YouTube postings.

Accident recordings don’t just make for good social media posts. They provide clear evidence in an accident to determine fault and negligence in a vehicle collision.

Here are a few of the bad driving behaviors that Tesla’s cameras can capture for your personal injury case:

  • Reckless Driving – Cameras demonstrate the at-fault driver’s reckless behavior by showing speeding violations, aggressive driving, and other frightening behavior.
  • Distracted Driving – Cameras have also caught offending drivers focused on their cellphones or with their heads and eyes turned in any direction but towards the road in front of them. They may even catch a driver asleep at the wheel.
  • Right-Of-Way Negligence – TeslaCams capture crystal clear views of lane violations such as a mistake while merging or a vehicle crossing a yellow line into oncoming traffic. Video may show a vehicle running a red light or a stop sign, or engaged in a turning violation at an intersection.
  • Hit-And-Run Driver Descriptions – An accident involving a driver that strikes your vehicle and speeds away will have a much better chance of being solved. Images of the driver and the vehicle should be readily available to investigators. A view of the driver’s license plate might also be provided.

Sentry Mode and Parked Vehicle Accidents

Tesla has also introduced “sentry mode” bringing cameras automatically to life whenever nearby movement is detected. This feature activates whenever the car is turned off and stays active after the driver has left the vehicle.

Rows of onboard cameras can catch valuable visual evidence when a car thief strikes. Cameras are rolling after even a slight scrape from a driver’s mistake while parking next to you.

A car may even smash into your parked car and take off. Your Tesla can alert you to an accident no matter how far away you may be. You’ll have high-resolution video of the incident waiting for you when you return to the car.

Is Tesla Camera Footage Admissable in California Court?

In almost any personal injury case, TeslaCam footage is legally admissible evidence to show what actually happened in an accident. It can also help identify offending drivers and robbery suspects.

This video evidence is especially helpful when negotiating with an insurance company to secure a settlement for your injuries caused by their careless policyholder. Insurance adjusters may take one look at the footage and decide not to dispute your account of what happened.

If an insurance company decides to be less than helpful, you can use the proof TeslaCam footage provides to convince a judge and jury of your side of a story. This video could turn the tide of a case when car insurance companies attempt to shift the blame away from their driver.

Contact a California Lawyer Representing Tesla Accident Victims

If you’ve been in an accident while driving a Tesla and are seriously injured, please contact a California Car Accident Attorney like Martin Gasparian to be sure you know your rights and your options.

Whether you’ve captured footage of your crash or not, Mr. Gasparian conducts his own investigation into the accident. He secures every piece of evidence available to make sure you have what you need to prove your innocence and to secure full compensation for your recovery.

Contact Martin Gasparian and Maison Law for a free consultation on your accident case. We want to hear about what happened to you so we can determine the next, best step for you and your family.


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