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Pedestrian Accidents On Broad Street In San Luis Obispo CA

Parts of San Luis Obispo are not set up to keep pedestrians safe. In some sections of the city, intersections with traffic lights and proper crosswalks can be a half-mile or more apart. Lighting can be sparse and affect the safety of those on foot traveling at night.

Drivers also share in the responsibility to keep pedestrians safe. They owe a legal “duty of care” to stay extra vigilant for pedestrians no matter when they encounter them. This extra care is required because of the defenseless nature of pedestrians when they must brave traffic to reach their destinations.

When motorists aren’t monitoring the lanes and sidewalks properly, pedestrians can end up at risk of severe injury and in the worst cases, they can lose their lives.

Pedestrian Struck and Killed near Downtown San Luis Obispo

A woman tragically lost her life over Labor Day weekend after getting hit by a vehicle south of downtown San Luis Obispo on Saturday night. KSBY-TV reports the accident happened around 8:45 p.m. along Broad Street near Woodbridge Street on September 4, 2021.

San Luis Obispo Police say the victim was seen running eastbound across Broad Street when she was hit by a car. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver involved stayed on the scene and is cooperating with investigators. Drugs or alcohol are not thought to have factored into the accident.

Support for Families After San Luis Obispo Pedestrian Accidents

Close relatives of pedestrian victims may have to file a wrongful death claim simply to get basic help to assist a family through such a heartbreaking period.  A spouse, a domestic partner, children of the victim, and sometimes parents of the victim can file a lawsuit on behalf of the entire family.

This lawsuit can seek to earn support for the family for things like funeral and burial expenses and emergency services bills. The family’s financial future can also be in jeopardy as the guidance and monetary support the victim had always provided will no longer be available. These are all damages an at-fault driver’s insurance company can be held responsible for.

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Serving San Luis Obispo

After a pedestrian accident involving a serious injury or the loss of a loved one, contact attorney Martin Gasparian to discuss your options. You’ll want an experienced personal injury lawyer making sure you and your family aren’t taken advantage of during such a vulnerable time.

Insurance companies won’t tell you about every benefit available to you, but with Mr. Gasparian protecting your family’s interests, you’ll never have to talk with agents and adjusters and deal with their many tactics. He offers a free consultation and case evaluation for families that come with no obligation.


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