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Pedestrian Accidents Along Black Road In Santa Maria CA

Drivers in and around Santa Maria are required to always monitor the roads for pedestrians who may be traveling nearby. This “duty of care” is required from motorists due to the extremely unprotected nature of those traveling on foot. Any collision can result in a devastating injury for pedestrians and in the worst instances claim their lives.

The tragedy of a pedestrian accident only intensifies when a driver chooses the unthinkable and flees the scene. This choice to attempt to avoid the consequences only leaves the victim waiting on medical care longer and increases the chances of a tragic outcome.

Pedestrian Killed After Encounter with Hit-And-Run Driver in Santa Maria

A pedestrian was struck and killed Sunday night in western Santa Maria. NoozHawk reports the accident took place along Black Road south of the Mahoney Road split.

Santa Maria Police say the victim, an approximately 19-year-old man from Santa Barbara County, was found after emergency personnel was dispatched to the scene shortly before 11 p.m. on August 15, 2021. They found the man lying in the road. He was rushed to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria with critical injuries. He didn’t survive.

The victim’s car was found a short distance away. Police believe the man had car trouble and was attempting to walk to get help. He was hit while walking and the driver did not remain on the scene.

If anyone has information about the driver or vehicle involved, they are asked to call the Santa Maria Police Department.

Support for Families After Hit-And-Run Accidents in Santa Maria

Families who lose a loved one to a tragic hit-and-run accident don’t have to wait on criminal proceedings to seek justice through a wrongful death lawsuit. This civil claim is filed against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks to protect the family from the costs of a memorial service and funeral. Support is also sought for the incredible costs of emergency response and ambulance fees that come due. Close relatives should also demand help with the future in mind when the deceased can no longer provide love and financial support in the coming years.

In a hit-and-run case involving a driver who is never identified, families can still hope to receive support through their own insurance provider. Pedestrian victims may have been covered by their own car insurance policy. In which case, the policy’s uninsured motorist coverage can provide help to the family. If the pedestrian didn’t have coverage, a family member’s policy may have covered the victim.

Contact a Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer Serving Santa Maria

A tragedy can leave close relatives of the victim facing unhelpful insurance companies on all sides. They may even struggle to secure assistance from their own insurance provider. It’s important to have a legal expert safeguarding a family’s interests at such a vulnerable time. Families should never face a financial crisis now or in the years to come over a careless driver’s mistake.

Family members can contact an experienced Santa Maria Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian works closely with families to make sure they have everything they need to rebuild their lives after a tragedy.


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