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Accidents Involving Vehicles Down Embankments on Hwy 99 In Turlock

Highway 99 through Central Valley makes lists of the most dangerous routes in the country far too often. It’s not the road itself that is usually to blame. It’s the careless and reckless drivers who travel the freeway that makes it so hazardous.

Motorists can decide to use excessive speed and aggressive driving to get to their destinations, putting all other drivers and their passengers at risk. The actions become that much more dangerous when they are performed alongside the busy traffic of Highway 99. The slightest loss of control can send multiple vehicles into a crash with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Driver Killed After Vehicle Sent Down Embankment in Turlock

A man was tragically killed after his SUV was hit by a speeding vehicle on Friday afternoon in Turlock. The Modesto Bee reports the accident occurred around 3 p.m. along Highway 99 at the Fulkerth Road interchange on July 30, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says the victim was driving an SUV northbound when the SUV’s left rear was struck by a driver in a Toyota trying to pass. The impact sent the SUV off the freeway and down an embankment. It continued on to strike a third vehicle on the Fulkerth Road northbound onramp.

The victim in the SUV, a 40-year-old man from Turlock, suffered serious injuries and was rushed to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto. He later died in the hospital. No one else involved in the collision was injured.

Highway Patrol officers say the driver of the Toyota was speeding when he struck the SUV. They continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Support for Family Members After a Turlock Car Accident

In an instant, family members can find themselves without the emotional and financial support a loved one had always provided. A spouse, a domestic partner, children, and parents of the victim will be forced to cope with the loss while also seeing the incredible costs of emergency response and hospital care come due.

Close relatives can act to protect themselves from intense financial hardship by filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family. This civil lawsuit asks the auto insurance provider representing an at-fault driver for help with every medical and funeral cost coming due. The claim can also seek to replace all of the income the deceased would have provided for family members in the years to come.

Contact a Turlock Wrongful Death Lawyer

The burden of filing a claim against an insurance company can be lifted from the family by allowing a Turlock wrongful death attorney to handle the wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. It’s also important to have a legal expert holding insurance companies accountable after an accident. Insurance adjusters can seek to shift blame after a collision simply to avoid providing support to the victim’s family.

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