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Truck Accidents on San Juan Road in Monterey County CA

Rural roads through Monterey County often see less traffic, but there is still an abundance of large, heavy trucks that travel the backroads. These giant tractor-trailer trucks and agricultural transports must often command more than just one lane to pass on smaller routes.

Drivers can do their best to stay to the right side of their lanes to veer away from oncoming trucks and out of the way of big rigs in front and behind them, but collisions occur far too often. Any impact involving a large truck can greatly increase the risk for severe consequences for the occupants of smaller cars and SUVs.

Deadly Semi-Truck Accident in Monterey County

A crash involving a big rig and a car claimed one life in Monterey County east of Watsonville Tuesday afternoon. KION-TV reported the collision occurred along San Juan Road near Murphy Road just before 5 p.m. on July 20, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed that a semi-truck and a small sedan were involved in the accident that closed San Juan Road for over three hours. At least one person was killed in the crash. There was no word on the possibility of other injured victims.

California Highway Patrol investigators worked into the night to determine what led to the accident. They have not released their findings.

Securing Help for Families After Monterey County Truck Accidents

Accidents involving loaded down tractor-trailer trucks or semi-trucks can easily lead to a tragedy on the roads. In an instant, a family can have a loved one taken from them.

In these tragic circumstances, close relatives are allowed to protect the remaining family members by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This civil lawsuit would ask the at-fault driver’s insurance and call upon the company the driver works for to provide support for the hardships a family is put through.

This support would include money to pay for ambulance fees and other emergency services costs. Assistance would also be given to cover the costs of a funeral service. And finally, families could request to have the money a loved one had always provided through his or her job restored to them including any wages the deceased would have provided in the future.

For more on the options victims and their families have after a truck accident, please visit our Truck Accident Information Page.

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