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Tips For Avoiding Accidents

A motorist driving carelessly or recklessly can cause an accident at any time. While motor vehicle accidents are sudden and unexpected, they may be avoided. Developing good habits and being aware of the following helpful tips may minimize the risk of involvement in a motor vehicle accident.

  1. Develop a safe driving mentality. Commit to developing a responsible attitude about driving. Every time that you take the wheel, this attitude should be unwavering and firmly in place. The more you drive, the more this attitude should establish itself.
  2. Prepare for poor weather conditions. Avoid driving in bad weather conditions when possible. If you can postpone your trip to a time when the weather will be clear, do so.
  3. Only use your cell phones for emergencies. Talking on the phone while driving is a terrible habit. Put your cell phone away when you drive and only use it for emergencies. If you must use a cell phone, pull over to the side of the road.
  4. Drive a safe vehicle. If you are about to buy a car, shop for one with a high safety rating. Otherwise, make sure that you perform regular maintenance of your vehicle.
  5. Get the big picture. One of the most useful tips contained in the old driver’s education films shown to teenage drivers was “get the big picture.” This means that drivers should always look ahead and be aware of what is occurring within their entire panoramic view of the road ahead.
  6. Always pull slowly into dense traffic areas. When approaching areas of heavy, dense traffic, drive slowly on approach.
  7. Proceed carefully through every intersection. I remember an occasion when I was in the lane to turn left. As the light turned green, instead of immediately proceeding, something compelled me to first look to my left. Just then, a large semi-truck barreled through the intersection illegally running the red light. If I had turned I would have been broadsided at a high speed. To this day, I always look both ways when proceeding through an intersection. I never blindly drive through an intersection. Always watch for red-light runners.
  8. Keep two hands on the steering wheel. Try to avoid distractions that force you to momentarily take your hand off the wheel such as eating, changing the radio station, or talking on a cell phone. Anything that forces you to drive one-handed should be avoided.
  9. Watch for children and animals. Both have a habit of suddenly appearing in the oddest most, unexpected places such as between parked cars and the middle of roadways. If driving in a residential neighborhood where there is a high likelihood of the presence of children, stay vigilant and slow down.
  10. Don’t hurry/never tailgate. Leave a three-second buffer between the car in front and your car. Try to avoid being late for your destination since this often causes you to hurry. Driving at an excessive speed is often futile to make up for any lost time. How many times have you seen a motorist speed by you only to catch up with that car at the next traffic light?
  11. Always stay cool and courteous to other drivers. Treat your fellow motorists with respect. Empathy for your fellow drivers goes a long way.
  12. Only use the fast lane for passing. The far left lane is the passing lane. However, many drivers tend to use this as their private lane. But the danger is that this subjects them to constant efforts by other cars to pass. Instead of cruising slowly in the right lane out of the way of faster-moving traffic, they are exposed to the continuing and constant risk of faster-moving traffic.

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