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Bicycle Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks in Los Osos CA

Bicyclists enjoying the fresh air in San Luis Obispo County learn quickly not to trust motorists to obey traffic laws meant to protect those on bikes.

Cyclists have just as much right to the lanes as any driver, but motorists can ignore this fact and take the right-of-way from a rider. Bicyclists may not see the mistake made by a driver and be able to avoid a collision. Any impact with a car or truck can send a rider to the ground to suffer a serious injury and face a long recovery.

Woman on Bicycle Struck and Injured in San Luis Obispo County

A woman knocked from her bicycle by a commercial truck was rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning. The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported the accident occurred just before 10 a.m. just north of Los Osos along South Bay Boulevard on July 20, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says the 73-year-old victim from Arroyo Grande was cycling in the bike lane when she attempted a left turn onto Turri Road. A southbound truck was also turning onto the road and the truck’s side mirror struck the cyclist.

The woman on the bike suffered a blow to the back of the head and upper body. She was thrown to the ground and received serious injuries. She was taken to a nearby hospital for care.

Securing Assistance for Bicycle Accident Victims in Los Osos

Bike riders can suffer a major injury in a roadway collision and be forced to give up doing something they love for weeks or months. Drivers must show extra caution when around a defenseless bicyclist and when they don’t, they can be liable for every hardship a victim has to face on the path to recovery.

Victims will want to file a claim for damages against an at-fault driver’s auto insurance provider to seek help that’s only fair considering the devastating effects a bicycle crash can have on the rider. Hospital bills should be covered and any lost paychecks, while the victim can’t go into work, should be fully reimbursed.

Accidents involving commercial trucks may also allow victims to call upon the insurance company for the company employing the driver for support. A personal injury lawyer working for the victim would make sure every party sharing responsibility in a bicycle accident is made to contribute to a victim’s recovery.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in San Luis Obispo County

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, works to protect the rights of cyclists and make sure they are aware of the benefits available to them in recovery. Insurance companies won’t be informing you of all of your options, but you can learn about them when you talk to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

Mr. Gasparian offers a free information session to bicycle accident victims and their families. He wants to be there for each step of recovery and see that victims get the compensation they need to heal and get back on their bikes again.


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