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Wrong-Way Accidents On I-5 In Kern County

Wrong-way drivers can provide a frightening obstacle to other motorists on highways and interstates. This hazard can prove especially dangerous at night when other drivers might not have as much chance to spot a car traveling in the wrong direction.  They can also be confused by the sight of headlights coming straight towards them. A collision can be unavoidable and have devastating consequences.

Wrong-way mistakes often end in head-on collisions and they can prove to be some of the most damaging impacts seen in traffic accidents. Head-on crashes factor in the speeds of the vehicles involved and can double the force of impact for victims.

In 2020, Kern County recorded 169 accidents involving a head-on impact. Those scary accidents left a shocking 285 people injured and tragically claimed 32 lives.

Two Drivers Killed in an I-5 Wrong-Way Driving Accident in Kern County

Two people tragically lost their lives early Saturday morning when a driver traveled the wrong direction down Interstate 5 in northwestern Kern County. KGET-TV reports the accident happened around 2 a.m. near the Lerdo Highway interchange on June 5, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says two vehicles collided head-on after one of the drivers proceeded down the interstate in the wrong direction. The drivers of both vehicles involved were pronounced dead on the scene. They had no passengers.

The Highway Patrol continues its investigation into what might have caused the driver to travel down the wrong side of the interstate.

Finding Assistance for Families After Kern County Accidents

Families who tragically lose a loved one can find little time to grieve as the financial toll of a car accident only seems to grow each day. Close relatives still in shock can suddenly be facing thousands of dollars in emergency response fees, funeral costs, and estate settlement expenses.

These expenses can target an already vulnerable family and leave them on the brink of bankruptcy. In such heartbreaking times, a spouse, children of the victim, or parents of the victim can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the rest of the family. This civil claim can ask the car insurance provider for the at-fault driver for help with the expenses the family faces through no fault of their own.

Family members will face a future without the guidance and financial support the victim had always provided through his or her employment. A wrongful death claim can seek to secure the family financially in the months and years ahead to make sure they don’t struggle with rent, mortgage payments, and other bills.

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