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Accidents Involving Wrong-Way Drivers in Santa Clara CA

The highways, freeways, and interstates of Santa Clara County carry enough dangers for drivers on a normal day. Those threats only grow when a driver makes an error in judgment and begins to proceed unpredictably.

A wrong-way driver can catch everyone else on the road by complete surprise and cause a devastating collision. AAA finds that the threat to drivers from these types of accidents is on the rise. They recorded 2,008 deaths across the U.S. from wrong-way driving crashes on divided highways between 2015 and 2018. That results in an average of 500 deaths a year. That is up 34% from the 375 deaths annually documented between 2010 and 2014.

The frightening impacts suffered in wrong-way crashes are often head-on collisions which are usually the most damaging for the victims involved. The aftermath of such a crash can leave victims with severe injuries and in the worst cases, cost someone his or her life.

Wrong-Way Crash Claims a Life and Injures Multiple Victims in Santa Clara

A wrong-way crash claimed one life and left several people injured early Sunday morning in Santa Clara. CBS SF-TV reported the accident happened around 4:30 a.m. on U.S. Highway 101 near the Montague Expressway interchange on June 6, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says that a Toyota Corolla was traveling north in the southbound lanes of Highway 101 when it collided head-on with a Toyota Camry. The Camry was then struck by a third car.

The driver of the Corolla traveling in the wrong direction was killed in the crash. Three victims in the two other vehicles involved were taken to the hospital. Their conditions have not been released. The Highway Patrol continues its investigation into why the driver was traveling in the wrong direction.

Securing Help for Santa Clara Accident Victims

Injured victims in wrong-way crashes should be left to begin the healing process, but sadly the financial burdens that arise after accidents can quickly be thrust upon them. The expense of the best medical care available, ambulance transport fees, and rehabilitation will target victims and their families. These bills will likely arrive after the victim has missed weeks of work and hasn’t been paid for lost hours.

During such a physical and financial ordeal, victims or their families are allowed to file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver’s insurance representative. This civil claim would ask for help for the victim paying for all recent medical costs and for any care expected to be required in the months to come. This claim would also seek to recover the money the victim has lost while missing work.

This formal listing of a victim’s hardships is often necessary to make sure insurance companies aren’t allowed to cover only part of the enormous costs of recovery. An insurance company may only offer a victim enough support to pay for a night in the emergency room when the victim’s true recovery costs are ten times that amount. An experienced car accident lawyer representing the victim’s case can help make sure insurance companies provide the full cost of recovery.

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