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As summer approaches, traffic is almost certain to increase. Here are some summer driving tips to ensure that you and your family arrive home safely this summer.

*School is out – be aware of the increased presence of children

From August to June, in most places, there is hardly anyone under the age of 18 on the streets between the hours of 8 and 4. Of course, this is because school is in session. Once school ends for summer vacation, they can be any place, especially when and where you least expect them. Constant vigilance for the young is required to stay safe while driving during the summer months.

*Motor vehicles need water too  

The extreme California heat can affect a vehicle’s radiator, pressure cap, belts, and hoses. These adverse effects may cause cracks, cuts, or blisters in the rubber components of these parts. During the summer, maintaining proper fluid levels for brakes, power steering, automatic transmission, coolant, and windshield washer is of the utmost importance.

*Look for those who travel by foot, motorcycle, and bicycle

There is usually an increase in pedestrian traffic during the summer since more people exercise outdoors. People also tend to utilize a bicycle for travel during the summer. More pedestrians and cyclists on the roads mean that motorists must be prepared even more so to yield and stop anywhere at any time.

*Maintain vehicle parts and systems regularly

Regularly checking belts and hoses, tire pressure, fluid levels, and the performance of the vehicle’s air conditioning system is necessary to avoid problems because of hot weather. If you cannot perform this maintenance yourself, any automotive service center can do it for you.

*Equip your vehicle with an emergency travel kit

Motorists should have a motor vehicle’s emergency travel kit that includes a map, first aid kit, bottled water, flashlight, jumper cables, windshield washer fluid, and tire jack.

*Be aware of current road conditions

Road construction peaks during the summer. If you are traveling near a construction zone, be aware of any restrictions or delays. These zones usually have reduced speed limits that carry substantial fines for infractions.

*Make special considerations for children who are passengers

Children must not be left alone in a vehicle during hot weather. The interior of a motor vehicle’s temperature rises significantly during the summer.

*Stay sober

Motorists often consume alcohol during the summer. All drivers must choose to be responsible and not drink alcohol when operating a motor vehicle. Over 35 million people travel on Memorial Day weekend and 90 percent of them will travel by motor vehicle. The 4th of July will repeat this scenario. Please drive with care and caution this summer!

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