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Exploring Your Legal Options After An Accident

Exploring Your Legal Options After An Accident

If you suffer an injury, you may have a legal claim for compensation. This includes some injury, illness, or harm caused by the negligence of another party. If severe, injuries may impact a person’s ability to work, perform regular tasks, or even provide self-care. The consequences may be long-lasting.  Injured parties may suffer a permanent disability or require long-term medical care. It is always an option to assert a cause of action and pursue legal recourse if you have suffered an injury in any type of accident.

One option after an accident is to entrust the resolution of the claim to the insurance companies of both drivers. How the insurance claims process is resolved depends on the party at fault and on the types of coverage that you have at the time of the accident.

The other driver’s property damage liability coverage will pay for repairs to your vehicle up to the policy’s limit. Medical bills would be covered up to the limits of the other driver’s bodily injury liability coverage, which is required in most states. In no-fault states, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage would be a factor. If the other driver does not have insurance, or enough coverage to pay for your losses, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverages would apply.

The important thing to remember is that relying on the insurance companies to ensure that you receive fair compensation may not be in your best interests. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that have a bottom line. Despite elaborate, expensive marketing campaigns promising to deliver special coverage when policyholders need it most, these companies have a vested interest in paying out less than what policyholders are paying in without question. Many of us as consumers and policyholders have learned this the hard way.

Perhaps a more preferable or even easier option in this situation is to seek the legal advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will be professional and objective. A seasoned, competent personal injury attorney will help you gather evidence, calculate your damages, and apprise you of all your options moving forward. If you have a viable cause of action, a personal injury attorney can utilize his or her negotiation skills to settle your case without going to trial.

When you hire Maison Law as your legal representation in a personal injury matter, you are leveling the playing field. You are informing the insurance company that it cannot take advantage of you. Martin Gasparian, as a zealous advocate, will assert and protect your legal rights and always act in your best interests. He will handle all contact between you and the insurance adjusters and their lawyers, knowing how to respond to any offer that they make to settle your case. Maison Law and Martin Gasparian can help you receive compensation for your personal injury claim.

Any resident of the Central Valley who has suffered a major loss from accident, theft, fire, or some other calamity, may depend on Maison Law for the highest level of legal service in the Fresno and Visalia areas. Maison Law is located on W. Main Street in Visalia, about 50 minutes from the Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT). Pick up the phone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with a Maison Law representative. Our Central Valley personal injury attorney is here to help you! Call Maison Law at (559) 203-3333.


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