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Accidents Involving DUI on Hwy 180 In Fresno County

Cautious motorists try to avoid the mistakes of others using the road as best they can, but impaired drivers can be impossible to stay away from when their actions are so sudden and unpredictable.

The CDC collected data over a ten-year span to find that California saw 10,327 tragic deaths in accidents involving a driver under the influence of alcohol. Researchers also discovered that one in three deadly accidents across the U.S. can be blamed on a drunk driver.

The terrible consequences of these accidents only underline the need for tougher laws and better education to prevent anyone who is impaired by drugs or alcohol from getting behind the wheel.

Woman Suffers Major Injuries in DUI Collision in Fresno County

A woman was badly hurt in a crash caused by a DUI driver just east of Fresno Saturday afternoon. KGPE-TV reported the accident took place around 5 p.m. on Highway 180 west of Cornelia Avenue on April 17, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says that a 28-year-old motorist was driving a GMC pickup while under the influence. She was going westbound on Highway 180 when the GMC entered the eastbound lane directly in the path of a Honda CRV.

The collision sent the driver of the Honda, a 66-year-old woman, to Community Regional Medical Center with severe injuries. The driver of the GMC also went to the hospital with injuries.

Investigators say the woman driving the GMC was under the influence of alcohol and was at nearly three times the legal limit. She was arrested.

Finding Assistance for Victims After DUI Accidents

Victims and their families can wonder how they’ll find justice after a collision caused by a drunk driver. The driver will be facing criminal charges and likely a criminal trial.

No matter where the criminal proceedings stand, victims and their families can move forward with a civil claim for damages filed against the driver’s insurance company. This claim can ask for help with every hospital and emergency services bill that comes due as well as any medical care associated with a serious injury needed in the future.

This civil claim can advance to get victims the compensation they need as quickly as possible to pay doctors, physical therapists, and monthly cost of living expenses while the recovery continues.

Insurance companies won’t be eager to provide any money to victims, but an attorney working for an injury victim can collect evidence, witness testimony, and documents that will leave an insurance agent no choice but to provide support.

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