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Pedestrian Accidents Involving Hit-And-Run Drivers In Merced County

Pedestrians across Merced County rarely enjoy the benefit of sidewalks and proper crosswalks. Someone on foot has to rely on the attention of drivers who pass by, especially at night when motorists should be paying even more attention to the road and anyone who might be on it.

Sadly, pedestrian collisions claimed nine lives across Merced county in 2019. In all, the year saw 94 accidents involving someone on foot and left 100 people injured due to those crashes.

Drivers can have their attention drawn away from the road or be traveling too fast to react to anyone who may also be using the lanes. These mistakes can have devastating consequences for anyone on foot.

Pedestrian Hurt in Merced County Hit-And-Run Accident

A pedestrian was hospitalized Tuesday night after he was struck in a hit-and-run accident in eastern Merced County. ABC30-TV reported the collision happened around 8:20 p.m. on Highway 140 at Cunningham Road northeast of Planada on March 30, 2021.

Investigators say the victim was struck by the side mirror of a light-colored truck traveling eastbound. The driver of the truck immediately left the scene. The man that was hit suffered a broken leg. He was flown to Community Regional Medical Center and is expected to survive.

The California Highway Patrol continues to look for the driver who sped away from the scene. If you have any information about this accident you are asked to call the Highway Patrol Office in Merced.

Help for Pedestrian Accident Victims in Merced County

After suffering an impact with a vehicle, pedestrians can feel vulnerable and alone as they recover. That feeling is only magnified when victims find out that the person responsible for their collision didn’t bother to stay at the scene.

In hit-and-run accidents when a suspect is never located, victims can still seek compensation to help in their recovery from their own car insurance policy. They may file a claim on their uninsured motorist coverage. This claim would ask for assistance in paying for medical costs and making up for lost paychecks while the victim misses work hours.

If there is good news and investigators locate the hit-and-run suspect, a claim for damages can immediately be filed against the suspect’s insurance provider. The hit-and-run driver will face criminal charges, but that won’t affect the timeline of a victim’s separate civil lawsuit.

Contact a Merced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

After a pedestrian accident involving a serious injury in Merced County, contact attorney Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case and wants to protect pedestrians when their safety is taken for granted.

Whether you must turn to your own insurance policy for help or can call upon an at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, having an attorney working on your case can help ensure that agents and adjusters can’t ignore your claim or treat you unfairly.


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