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Multi-Vehicle Accidents on Highway 154 In Santa Barbara CA

Santa Barbara County is home to a lot of mountain roads with steep grades and narrow lanes and careless drivers don’t always travel at safe speeds considering the terrain. When road construction projects are added into the mix the risk of accidents can only increase.

Safe drivers can do their part to keep themselves safe, but it may not matter if a reckless or careless driver is traveling too fast or not paying attention to what’s ahead. Drivers can suddenly lose control of their vehicles and be sent into a crash that involves multiple cars nearby. Other motorists and their passengers can face severe injuries and even lose their lives over a simple lack of care by one driver.

Multi-Vehicle Crash in Santa Barbara County Injures Four

A multi-vehicle collision north of Santa Barbara near the Cold Spring Bridge left several people suffering from injuries Thursday morning. KEYT-TV reported the accident happened around 8:14 a.m. on Highway 154 blocking lanes in both directions on March 18, 2021.

Officials on the scene said construction in the area had previously slowed traffic. Four vehicles were then involved in a rear-end accident in the eastbound lanes leaving one vehicle with major front-end damage.

One person involved was taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with moderate injuries. Three other people were treated by Santa Barbara County Fire paramedics and AMR. They were determined to have less serious injuries. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the accident.

Finding Support for Victims After Santa Barbara County Collisions

Safe drivers can be focused on the road ahead and not see another motorist traveling recklessly and failing to slow down for any possible obstacles. Drivers and their passengers can quickly find they’ve been hit and may even discover they are suffering from a serious injury.

After a serious crash, it’s important that victims hold at-fault drivers and their insurance companies accountable for every hardship they experience. It should go without saying that victims shouldn’t be left to pay for medical expenses and make up for lost wages at work on their own in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Yet, insurance agents can be looking out for their bottom line and try every trick they can to deny compensation to victims.

An attorney working on a victim’s side can make sure bad faith insurance practices are brought to light and shield victim’s from them. An insurance company may make a victim or a loved one wait an unreasonably long time to respond to an injury claim and then make them a “lowball offer” hoping they are now desperate enough to accept any amount. Insurance providers shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this careless attitude towards someone hurt in an accident.

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