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Dangerous Hit-And-Run Motorcycle Accidents In Merced CA

Motorcyclists in Merced must often try to steer clear of the mistakes that careless drivers can make. At times those mistakes put riders in situations where impacts are unavoidable. Drivers can fail to check their mirrors and blind spots when switching lanes. They can also turn in front of oncoming traffic when they think the coast is clear only to find they’ve overlooked someone on a motorcycle.

Merced County fire & rescue crews see the consequences of these errors every week. In 2019, they responded to 70 motorcycle collisions across the county. Those accidents resulted in the tragic loss of 11 lives and left another 73 people injured.

Motorcyclist Badly Hurt in Hit-And-Run Accident in Merced

A man on a motorcycle was struck and injured Thursday afternoon in east Merced. KSEE-TV reports the accident happened around 2 p.m. along the 2000 block of Yosemite Parkway on March 25, 2021.

Merced Police say they arrived to find the rider in the roadway getting treatment from fire rescue personnel. The victim was flown to a local hospital with major injuries.

Witnesses told investigators that the driver and vehicle involved in the crash had fled east on highway 140. Officers were able to locate the driver, a 22-year-old man, on Highway 140 and Dale Avenue. They say the hit-and-run suspect admitted to being involved in the collision.

Finding Assistance for Merced Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcyclists ride in the open air and travel with little protection when compared to occupants of cars, trucks, and SUVs. It’s why drivers must always take a few extra seconds to look out for anyone on a bike who may be nearby. This extra care can eliminate many tragic accidents caused by drivers in a rush and unknowingly taking a lane from a rider.

For victims injured and facing the enormous costs of medical care, filing a claim for damages against a careless driver and his or her insurance provider can be the surest way to get support during recovery. Riders may have a stack of hospital bills coming due as they lose paychecks while having to miss time at work. As victims work towards getting back on their bikes again they may require months of physical therapy or even surgery in the future. These costs and more should be covered by at-fault drivers and their car insurance companies.

Hit-And-Run suspects who have been apprehended can also be facing criminal charges over an accident. This will not get in the way of a victim’s civil lawsuit over injuries. The claim for damages case can move forward separately no matter where the criminal trial stands.

Contact a Merced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After a motorcycle accident involving a serious injury, contact an experienced Merced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation. Mr. Gasparian works hard to protect victims in Central Valley and makes sure their injuries don’t get ignored. Insurance companies commonly try to blame motorcycle riders for their own accidents no matter who was at fault. Don’t let this happen to you.


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