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Accidents On McKean Road In Santa Clara County

Long stretches of highway can be dangerous for safe drivers who often have to trust that other motorists are staying alert and avoiding distractions as they travel. Careless drivers can be lulled into a false sense of security and increase speed and glance down to read a recent text. In those moments a vehicle can travel hundreds of feet without the guidance of the driver.

An error in judgment can leave a vehicle veering into an unsuspecting and innocent driver. Santa Clara County sees the devastating results these accidents can leave in their wake every year. The Transportation Injury Mapping System’s (TIMS) data shows that Santa Clara saw 7,733 collisions across 2019. Those accidents led to an unbelievable 10,357 people being hurt and also cause a tragic 122 deaths for the year.

Two Killed in a Tragic Crash Outside of San Jose

Two people lost their lives in a two-vehicle crash in Santa Clara County Sunday night. SFGate reported the accident happened around 9 p.m. in the 21000 block of McKean Road south of San Jose on February 14, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says that two vehicles were discovered at the accident scene. They found one person in each vehicle had been killed in the collision.

There were no other details released on the cause of the crash or other potential victims involved.

Assistance for Families After Santa Clara County Accidents

Any car collision has the potential to end in tragedy and leave families behind to mourn the passing of a beloved member. A family put through this trauma should be focused on remembering a loved one and trying to grieve their loss.

Yet, unfortunately, the financial burden arising out of a collision can instead force a family to fight for its financial stability in the days and weeks that follow. A terrible accident can leave behind ambulance fees, funeral and burial costs, and debt from recent bills all for the family to face. These expenses can arise just as the financial support the deceased provided through their employment is coming to an end.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, but a wrongful death claim can put the burden back in the right place. The at-fault driver’s insurance company should be the first to step up and provide for these costs. They should also be called upon to provide for the family in the years to come when a spouse, children, and parents will be without the financial and moral support the victim had always provided.

Contact a San Jose Wrongful Death Attorney

If a loved one was taken from your family in a tragic accident, don’t leave your family’s emotional and financial wellbeing to fate. Insurance companies can take an active role in limiting the amount of coverage your family is provided. Having an attorney to help you file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your family and against an insurance company can provide the incentive for insurance agents to step up and do the right thing in the wake of a tragedy.

After an accident, contact attorney Martin Gasparian for a free and confidential consultation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every family should work directly with their lawyer and only get advice that’s in the best interest of family members.


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