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Fresno Highway 41 Pedestrian Accidents

With careless drivers and poorly designed intersections and crosswalks in Fresno, travel on foot can be hazardous at any time of day. Yet after sundown, the journey can be even more dangerous.

As daylight fades, just as drivers should be exercising extra care for potential pedestrians on the road ahead, motorists often get more careless and pay less attention to what’s in front of them.

The California Highway Patrol sees the devastating consequences of the mistakes drivers can make around pedestrians. They documented 46 pedestrian accidents in Fresno over 2019, with almost half of those occurring overnight or at dusk or dawn. A tragic 19 people lost their lives in nighttime accidents and another 25 were injured.

Two Pedestrians Struck in Fresno Accident

The effort to help a pedestrian struck by multiple vehicles led to a second person getting hit on Saturday night in northern Fresno. ABC30-TV reports the accidents happened on Highway 41 at Friant Road around 11 p.m. on January 2, 2021.

Investigators say the tragedy began with a pedestrian on Highway 41 getting hit by two vehicles. A passing driver stopped to help the victim, but as she walked over to the victim she was struck by another vehicle.

The man hit by two cars lost his life due to his injuries. The good samaritan who stopped to help was taken to the hospital with major injuries but is expected to survive.

All drivers involved stopped to cooperate with the investigation. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the collisions.

Help for Victims and Families After a Fresno Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident, victims can be left facing an extended recovery and painful rehabilitation. In the case of a fatal accident, families will be left with the devastating news that they’ve lost loved ones and all of the love and support they provided.

In both cases, the focus should be on the at-fault drivers who caused the devastating collisions. A driver can be at-fault no matter where a pedestrian accident occurs. Drivers are required to show caution to pedestrians no matter where they encounter them. This is due to the vast difference in protection afforded someone in a vehicle when compared to a defenseless pedestrian.

Drivers’ insurance companies should be called upon to provide compensation to help victims heal and protect families from financial harm now and in the future. Victims can face hospital bills and lost income from their absence from work. Families can be hit with funeral costs and ambulance fees, all while suddenly being without the financial support the victim provided through their job. These losses can continue into the future as a spouse and children continue with their lives without the emotional care of a husband, wife, mother, or father.

A claim for damages can be leveled against the insurance companies involved by the victim or by a family left behind. This claim can secure compensation to help pay for every cost and hardship a victim and their families have endured.

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