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Maison Law Handles All Types Of Accident Cases

Maison Law Handles All Types Of Accident Cases

Maison law’s experience representing a long list of clients in a wide range of injury cases has helped the firm build an extensive knowledge base of the process for asserting personal injury claims. While this experience helps Maison Law provide skilled representation to every client, our passion is what allows us to provide effective advocacy on behalf of our clients. If you have any questions about any type of personal injury matter, Martin Gasparian may patiently and extensively answer your questions. The following is a summary of the many types of accident cases that Maison Law effectively handles:

1. Car accidents

An experienced personal injury attorney should have extensive experience representing individuals in cases involving car accidents. Anyone hurt in a car accident should immediately seek medical attention after an accident. Next, call an attorney who knows the process inside and out. Maison Law gives clients the peace of mind knowing that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is handling the legal damages and compensation aspect of a car accident case.

2. Motorcycle accidents

Unfortunately, many California motorists fail to be vigilant and watch for smaller vehicles, including and especially motorcycles. Maison Law is committed to helping victims of serious motorcycle accidents receive the compensation they deserve after an injury. Martin Gasparian can help anyone hurt while riding a motorcycle to understand their legal options after an accident while providing any necessary legal advice and guidance.

3. Truck accidents

Truck accidents are one of the most frightening experiences anyone may endure on a road or highway. Injuries from these accidents are typically severe and long-term resulting in permanent disabilities or death. These are devastating effects on victims and their families. Maison law may help clients receive a fair recovery that incorporates the severity and duration of an injury to ensure a better future. Maison Law compels negligent and reckless parties to take responsibility, for harm and provide accident victims with a financially stable future.

4. Bike accidents

Bike accidents typically occur for two reasons. The first reason is that the driver claims that the cyclist emerged from nowhere, and, second, the driver says it was impossible to see the cyclist. Both of these excuses indicate that the driver was inattentive. This type of action represents a form of negligence which may give rise to a legal claim for any injuries that result from this breach of duty.

5. Pedestrian accidents

By law, California motorists are obligated to exercise due care when driving in the vicinity of or near pedestrians. Because pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks, cars must always yield the right of way to them. Many pedestrian accidents occur because the driver of a motor vehicle fails to see the pedestrian, which may constitute negligence, although drivers are required to see pedestrians and share the road.

The experience of Maison Law allows our firm to focus on many personal injury practice areas. These include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, bike accidents, and much more. This experience helps us provide skilled representation to every client, but our passion is what provides top-tier advocacy to every client. Call Maison Law 24/7 at (559) 203-3333.


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