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Fresno County DUI Head-On Collisions

There may be no scarier sight for motorists than seeing the headlights of another vehicle coming straight at them. This is often the case when wrong-way drivers make the tragic choice to travel in the wrong direction. The shock of a vehicle unexpectedly showing up in the wrong lane can leave other drivers stunned as they enter a dangerous head-on collision.

These very dangerous accidents are based on dangerous decisions. They can be caused by distracted drivers not paying attention to the road, but traffic investigators find that alcohol use is a more common cause of a wrong-way driving collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 60% of all wrong-way drivers show indications of alcohol use.

A bad decision to drink and get behind the wheel can be followed by another bad decision to travel down a highway or street in an unsafe direction, potentially leading to a frightening crash.

Fresno County U-Haul Truck DUI Accident

A suspected DUI driver caused several collisions after traveling the wrong way down Highway 41 in Fresno County Tuesday night. ABC30-TV reported the accident happened near Harlan Avenue outside of Riverdale sometime before 9 p.m. on November 10, 2020.

The Highway Patrol (CHP) found that a woman driving a U-Haul pick-up traveling southbound crossed over into the northbound lanes. One vehicle was able to avoid the pick-up but then crashed into a fence. The U-Haul continued on until striking a blue Honda Civic head-on. The driver of the Honda suffered critical injuries. Another vehicle was also struck after the head-on collision.

The U-Haul driver has been arrested for driving under the influence.

Support for Wrong-Way Accident Victims in Fresno County

Wrong-way drivers can create havoc on the roads and the head-on collisions they can inflict on other drivers can cause some of the most severe injuries imaginable. Those injured in these accidents can wonder if the at-fault drivers will face justice for their mistakes and if they’ll be held accountable for the long and expensive recovery facing their victims.

A claim for damages filed against the driver and his or her insurance company can hope to reclaim the costs of some of these hardships left to the victims. The costs of lengthy hospital stays and physical therapy can be awarded through compensation offered by an insurance company. A settlement offer can be assessed by you and your attorney to decide if it’s a fair amount for what you’ve been through. If not, a court trial may be necessary to force an insurance company to pay what’s fair.

In a case involving a DUI suspect, the driver will likely face a judge in a criminal trial. This won’t affect your civil lawsuit. Your claim for damages can move forward no matter where the criminal proceedings stand.

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