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Impaction Fractures in Car Accidents

Visalia Pedestrian Accidents On Court Street

Pedestrians can risk their lives just trying to get across the street when distracted drivers constantly focus on something other than the road ahead. The risks are especially high at night when drivers should be even more attentive when light conditions make spotting others using the road that much harder.

The California Highway Patrol documented 14,554 collisions involving pedestrians in a single year. The same year saw almost a thousand tragic pedestrian deaths across the state. What’s more, the National Safety Council estimates that around 76% of all pedestrian accidents happen after the sun goes down.

Visalia Pedestrian Struck and Sent to Hospital

A man was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road in Visalia Thursday night. ABC30-TV reported the accident happened on Court Street near Walnut Avenue on October 15, 2020.

Visalia police say the man was hit by a passing car and suffered injuries to his head and arm. The victim, in his 60s, was taken to the hospital.

Investigators confirm the driver involved stayed on the scene and cooperated with the investigation. They do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the collision.

Support for Victims in Pedestrian Accidents

In an accident, a defenseless pedestrian can be severely injured by even a low-speed strike from a vehicle that may weigh two tons or more. Recovery can be long and challenging and very expensive. A victim should get help with the extreme costs of medical treatment and any lost wages from missed time at work.

In these tragic cases, a victim can file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. An award won with a civil lawsuit can help with the financial hardships the victim suffers and also compensate the victim for emotional and physical pain.

A victim can expect help even if they were struck while crossing the street outside a crosswalk. A motorist still owes a “duty of care” to any pedestrian to watch out for them simply because a speeding vehicle can be so devastating in an impact on an unprotected body.

California is also a pure comparative negligence state. That means the driver and the pedestrian can share the blame in a collision. For instance, a pedestrian may be assigned 25% of the blame for his or her injuries for not obeying traffic laws, but the driver may bear 75% of the liability for speeding or being distracted when the accident occurred. The pedestrian could still be awarded compensation, but his or her 25% of responsibility would be subtracted.

Maison Law for Pedestrian Victims in Visalia

If you were struck by a careless driver, the attorneys at Maison Law would like to protect your rights and determine your best options for getting compensation for your injuries.

Contact an experienced Visalia Pedestrian accident lawyer such as Martin Gasparian for a free consultation and case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian takes a hands-on approach to every case. He believes that every client should work directly with their lawyer, get honest advice, and personalized attention to detail their case deserves.


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