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Reasons To Hire An Experienced PI Attorney

Every individual has the right to personally represent pro se without an attorney in a personal injury case. First, handling a personal injury matter without an attorney involves investigating the case and gathering information before drafting the complaint and serving it on the defendant. This may not be the most difficult undertaking but it certainly is more than a little challenging for any layperson. This process requires attention to detail in addition to, obviously, some knowledge of the law. Of course, there are many reasons to hire an experienced personal injury and avoid all the pitfalls associated with pro se representation.

  1. An attorney’s been there before

It is difficult for any layperson to match the skills that any personal injury attorney has gained through the experience of representing other personal injury litigants. These skills involve assessing damages, investigating and gathering facts, negotiating settlements, as well as knowledge of the law and the important rights that every client possesses in any personal injury matter.

  1. An attorney will save time

Any person who works forty hours a week may have difficulty finding time to handle all the aspects of preparing a personal injury case, let alone proceeding with it after filing the complaint and dealing with discovery, trial, and possible settlement negotiations.

  1. An attorney will assert and protect the legal rights of the client

Do you know your rights in a personal injury matter? Do you know what constitutes a valid cause of action? Do you know the elements of negligence? Do you know to what damages you are entitled? These are all questions that a personal injury attorney may answer.

  1. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis

Most personal injury attorneys do not charge attorney fees unless they win the case. Clients are only responsible for the costs associated with a legal matter. Thus, for any personal injury plaintiff, there is very little to risk in hiring an experienced personal injury attorney.

  1. The opposing party will likely be represented by an attorney

Any party defending a personal injury claim will likely have an attorney. Having an experienced attorney allows more direct contact with opposing counsel. In many instances, these attorneys already know each other, which makes much of the process easier, especially the discovery process which is governed by many deadlines and requirements and where the parties exchange information and documentation.

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