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Maison Law Makes Big Business Pay For Its Negligence

For ten years, Martin Gasparian, Esq., the managing attorney of Maison Law, represented large corporations, all over the world in New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. This experience working for big businesses and large corporations helped Martin Gasparian develop a keen sense of protecting the rights and interests of real people like you and me.

As an experienced accident attorney, Martin Gasparian works personally with every client taking a hands-on approach to every case based on his belief that every client should work directly with their lawyer and receive honest and timely advice. In Martin’s view, each client deserves a lawyer’s sincere personalized attention to each unique detail of a legal matter.

Mr. Gasparian’s desire to have a career serving individuals, not big business, fueled his passion to start his own firm, Maison Law. This passion to help people, not artificial entities like corporations, find the justice they deserve is a primary goal of his firm. Martin uses his experience and detailed understanding of how large corporations operate to protect and assert the rights of accident victims who suffered injury or loss because of the fault of a large corporation or business. Martin Gasparian helps his personal injury clients stand up against major insurance companies and receive the compensation they deserve using detail-oriented strategies and a positive attitude to supplement the exemplary personal care he gives his clients.

Any resident of the Central Valley who has suffered a major loss from accident, theft, fire, or some other calamity, may depend on Maison Law for the highest level of legal service in the Fresno and Visalia areas. Maison Law is located on W. Main Street in Visalia, about 50 minutes from the Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT).

If you’ve been hurt in the Central Valley, Maison Law can help you obtain a recovery from large insurance companies reluctant to pay. Pick up the phone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with a Maison Law representative. Our Central Valley personal injury attorney is here to help you! Call Maison Law at (559) 203-3333.


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