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SUVs Involved in Dump Truck Accidents in Hanford CA

When you’re on the road, an encounter with any vehicle bigger than your own can be a frightening proposition.  A collision with a dump truck can be an especially devastating incident.

An empty dump truck can weigh over 20,000 pounds and the larger trucks can haul 14 tons. Combine that weight with speed on any road and the chances of a dangerous collision increase dramatically.

Dump Truck Accident on Hanford’s Central Valley Highway

The California Highway Patrol and Hanford Police officers responded to a dump truck collision on Thursday, June 25th, 2020.  The accident was reported as a dump truck vs. Ford Explorer.  It happened on the Central Valley Highway (SR 43) near Fargo Avenue. It’s just a recent example of the dangers when encountering large work vehicles traveling local highways.

Dump Trucks Pose Many Potential Risks

These dump truck accidents come in many different forms, all of them potentially deadly.  The truck and its sturdy body can cause a collision, but the dump truck’s load can also be the culprit.  Sand, gravel, tree limbs, or anything else can end up in front of your vehicle, under your vehicle, or even atop your vehicle.

These collisions are scary and can lead to incredible damage to your vehicle and your body.  If a dump truck or its load causes you to get into an accident, that driver and his or her company can be held liable.

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