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What Types of Ankle Injuries Occur in Traffic Accidents?

What Types of Ankle Injuries Occur in Traffic Accidents?

The ankle is a joint that consists of three bones that are surrounded by multiple ligaments and tendons. The ankle is one of the first body parts to absorb the impact of a head-on or side-impact crash. For this reason, many people who are involved in these accidents sustain devastating ankle injuries. Here’s an overview of the most common types of ankle injuries sustained in traffic accidents:

Strains and Sprains

The terms “strains” and “sprains” are often used interchangeably, but they are two different injuries. A sprain occurs when one of the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint is stretched too far, whereas a strain occurs when the muscles or tendons surrounding the ankle joint are stretched too far. If you twist your ankle in an unnatural position in a car accident, you may sustain either a sprain or strain. Most sprains and strains affect the ligaments, muscles, and tendons on the outside of the ankle.

The severity of a strain or sprain injury can vary. Minor sprain or strain injuries consist of small, microscopic tears in the ligaments, muscles, or tendons. However, the injury is more severe if there is a complete tear through the tissue. If you sustain a muscle, ligament, or tendon tear, you may feel a popping sensation when the injury occurs.


The three bones that make up the ankle joint are the tibia, fibula, and talus. A fractured ankle occurs when one or more of these bones break. These injuries are common in car accidents because the impact of the crash is often powerful enough to break these bones.

Some ankle fractures are minor. In fact, you may still be able to put weight on your ankle if there is only a small fracture in one bone. Multiple fractures, however, can cause dislocation and interfere with your ability to walk.

A fracture can often feel similar to a severe ankle sprain or strain, so many people assume that they don’t need medical attention. Don’t make this mistake. If you have injured your ankle in an accident, it’s best to seek medical attention instead of trying to diagnose yourself. All ankle injuries—regardless of their severity—need to be treated by a medical professional.

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