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Vertebral Fractures: What Victims Should Expect

Vertebral Fractures: What Victims Should Expect

The spine consists of 33 vertebrae, which are interlocking bones that support the body and protect the spinal cord. These bones are strong, but they weaken over time. As a result, many people fracture their vertebrae in slip and falls, car crashes, and other accidents. If you have sustained vertebral fractures, it’s important to understand what to expect during your treatment and recovery.

Treatment Options For Vertebral Fractures

The treatment plan for a vertebral fracture can vary depending on the severity and location of the injury. In most cases, the doctor will treat the fracture by keeping the spinal column immobile using a brace or corset. This can reduce pain and keep the bones in alignment as they heal.

Severe vertebral fractures may require surgical treatment such as vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. These surgical procedures involve injecting bone cement into the fractured vertebrae to stabilize the bone and alleviate the patient’s pain and discomfort.

Victims who undergo surgery may need to wear a brace to keep their spinal column immobile for several months following their procedure. Doctors may also recommend physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain strength and improve mobility.

What to Expect During Your Recovery

A vertebral fracture is a painful injury that can affect your mobility. For this reason, you may need to make significant changes to your lifestyle while you recover. It’s important to talk to your doctor to determine when it is appropriate for you to start engaging in physical activities again following an injury.

You should listen to your body during your recovery and talk to your doctor if you start experiencing new and unusual symptoms. For example, many people experience muscle spasms as a result of a vertebral fracture. Pain, fatigue, and constipation are also commonly associated with these injuries. Make sure you talk to your doctor so you can manage these symptoms and avoid serious complications.

Don’t push yourself too hard during your recovery. Follow your doctor’s orders and don’t try to speed up your recovery by doing more than you have been advised to do. If you want to fully recover from this injury, it’s best to be patient and give your body plenty of time to heal.

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