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Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are not designed with seat belts, airbags, and other safety features, so cyclists often sustain serious injuries in bicycle accidents. One of the keys to staying safe on the road is learning about the situations in which a bicycle and car may collide. Here are some of the most common types of bicycle accidents:

Right Hook Accidents

A right hook accident occurs when a car that is driving to the left of a bicyclist makes a right turn in front of or directly into the bicyclist. Stay out of blind spots to avoid a right hook accident. It’s important to remain visible at all times—even if you are completely stopped at an intersection.

Left Cross Accidents

Left cross crashes are one of the most common types of bicycle accidents. This type of accident occurs when a car makes a left turn into a bicyclist who is riding straight through the intersection. Lack of visibility is often to blame for left cross accidents, especially those that happen at night. Bicyclists can protect themselves by wearing reflective gear and using headlights.

Wrong-Way Accidents

Bicyclists are supposed to travel with the flow of traffic. But sadly, many bicyclists suffer devastating injuries when they fail to obey this law.

Riding against traffic is dangerous for several reasons. Drivers are less likely to see you if you are riding against traffic. This is because drivers know that bicyclists are supposed to ride with traffic, so they may not be on the lookout for bicyclists that are riding in the wrong direction. Plus, there’s no way for you to see the traffic signs and signals you need to obey if you’re traveling in the wrong direction.

Riding against traffic is especially risky at night when the headlights of cars coming towards you could blind you and make it hard for you to avoid a collision. To stay safe, make sure you are always riding in the right direction.

Door Accidents

If a passenger in a parked car opens their car door in front of a bicyclist, a door accident may occur if the bicyclist does not have time to move to safety. This illustrates why it is so important for bicyclists to pay attention to every car around them—even if the car is parked.

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