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Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

An amputation is the partial or total loss of a limb. This traumatic injury can impact every part of your life, from what activities you engage in to what work you are able to perform. For this reason, people who sustain amputation injuries often have a hard time adjusting to their post-injury life. How do these devastating injuries occur? Here are some of the most common causes:

Traffic Accidents

Amputation injuries can occur in traffic accidents, including car, motorcycle, bicycle, and truck crashes. In a traffic accident, a natural amputation may occur, which means the victim’s limb is severed in the crash.

This isn’t the only way that a traffic accident can lead to an amputation injury. In many cases, the victim’s limb is crushed in the accident. For example, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, your bike may fall on top of and crush your leg. A crushing injury can severely damage the nerves, muscles, veins, and bones in the affected limb. If the limb is injured beyond repair, it may need to be surgically amputated after the crash.

Construction Site Accidents

Amputation injuries can occur on construction sites, too. The heavy machinery and power tools found on construction sites are dangerous, so if workers aren’t careful, they could sustain an amputation injury when using this equipment.

Falling can lead to an amputation injury as well. Falling from a scaffold, ladder, or another high area on a construction site could damage the victim’s limb beyond repair, which means the limb may need to be surgically amputated. Being struck by a falling object on a construction site could also lead to amputation, especially if the object is heavy enough to crush the victim’s limb.

Severe Burns

Minor burns are fairly easy to treat, but treating a third-degree or fourth-degree burn is far more difficult. A third-degree burn affects the tissues underneath the dermis, whereas a fourth-degree burn goes even deeper, affecting the muscle and bone. Amputation is always seen as a last resort in these severe cases, but if the burn has caused extensive damage, the limb may need to be surgically amputated.

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