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Overcorrecting While Driving and How to Avoid It

Most people are aware of the dangers of distracted or drunk driving, but these are not the only dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to car accidents. Overcorrecting is another dangerous driving mistake that is made far too often by drivers, especially inexperienced teen drivers. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that overcorrecting accounts for 3.9% of all fatal traffic accidents. If you want to stay safe, it’s important to learn how to avoid making this dangerous mistake.

What is Overcorrecting?

Overcorrecting involves grabbing the steering wheel and using it to jerk the vehicle in a different direction. It occurs as a response to something in the driver’s environment. For example, a driver who suddenly feels his tires hit the shoulder of the road may overcorrect by jerking his vehicle too far in the opposite direction in an attempt to get back on the road. Drivers also overcorrect when they hit icy patches on the road or need to quickly change lanes to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

Drivers typically overcorrect in order to avoid what they believe is a dangerous situation, but they end up putting themselves in more danger by making this mistake. If you overcorrect, you may lose complete control of your vehicle. This dangerous mistake can also cause your vehicle to rollover, especially if you are driving a SUV or truck.

To avoid a potentially fatal accident, it’s crucial that you learn how to avoid overcorrecting.

How to Avoid Overcorrecting

Train yourself to slow down instead of jerking the steering wheel when you sense trouble on the road. You don’t need to apply the brakes—simply take your foot off of the gas and wait for your car to slow down. This will give you time to stabilize your vehicle before changing its direction. Make sure you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel as you slow down so you can stay in control of the car at all times. You should not turn the wheel just yet, so focus on holding it tight while you drive straight.

Keep an eye on traffic so you can safely redirect your vehicle once the coast is clear. Instead of jerking the steering wheel, turn it as little as you possibly can to get back on the road.

Above all else, remain calm. You now know how to handle these emergency situations, so there’s no need to panic if you are ever in one. Control your emotions so you don’t instinctively overcorrect and put yourself in danger.

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