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Different Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The brain controls everything from your ability to talk and walk to your breathing. Because the brain is so important, a brain injury can lead to devastating consequences. Every traumatic brain injury is serious, but some types are far more severe than others. Here’s an overview of the different types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs):


A concussion occurs when a blow or sudden jolt to the head causes the brain to bounce back and forth inside the skull. This is the most common type of brain injury, but that does not mean it should be taken lightly. The brain’s movement can stretch blood vessels and affect nerves in the brain. In some cases, the rapid movement can lead to brain damage as well.


A direct blow to the head can bruise brain tissue by damaging blood vessels within the brain. This bruise is referred to as a contusion, and it’s far more serious than bruises that occur on other parts of the body. In fact, victims who suffer severe contusions may lose consciousness and experience life-threatening brain swelling.


A coup-contrecoup is a type of contusion that occurs when the brain is hit so hard that it slams into the skull. As a result, bruising occurs in two different locations, the site of the direct impact and the opposite side where the brain made contact with the skull.

Diffuse Axonal

Diffuse axonal injuries occur as a result of intense shaking or strong rotational forces, such as those applied to the body in a car accident. The shaking or strong force can tear brain tissue, leading to widespread and devastating damage. The severity of this injury can vary depending on which parts of the brain were damaged.


A penetration injury occurs when a foreign object, such as a bullet or knife, penetrates the skull and makes contact with the brain. This is known as an “open brain injury” since the skull is no longer intact. If the foreign object exits the skull after traveling through the brain, it’s referred to as a “through-and-through” injury.

A penetration injury can cause significant brain damage, which is why most of these injuries are fatal.

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