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Don’t Settle for Less in an Accident in Visalia

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Visalia, you may already be talking to any insurance companies also involved. However, it’s important to speak to a personal injury attorney in Visalia before making any statements and before accepting a settlement. The biggest reason for this is that the insurance companies will want to settle for an amount that may not cover all of your expenses or help you live a happy, productive life after sustaining severe injuries.

Here is a list of the types of compensation that may be awarded to a personal injury case.

Pain & Suffering

Usually, compensation for pain and suffering is the largest part of a personal injury claim award, whether a proper settlement is negotiated or the case goes to court. However, there are several types of compensation that may be awarded based on the nature of the injuries sustained and the impact that it has had on your life.

Emotional Distress: An accident in Visalia may be a traumatic experience which can cause anxiety, and sometimes even fear, about traveling. Sometimes this anxiety can cause insomnia or nightmares, or even flashbacks during the day. Depending on the level of severity of the emotional distress caused by the accident, compensation may be awarded.

Loss of Enjoyment: If you aren’t able to participate in your favorite hobbies anymore because of the injuries you sustained in the accident, pain and suffering compensation may be awarded. This is due to the fact that a large part of your life’s enjoyment has been taken away.

Loss of Consortium: In a journal article published by the Virginia Law Review, the definition of “loss of consortium” was expanded to include the spouse’s “love, affection, companionship, sexual relations…” This means that if you can no longer participate in and enjoy the relationship you have with your partner, either physically or emotionally, then the spouse may be entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

Medical Treatment

The driver at fault for your accident in Visalia will most likely be held liable for your medical treatment. Not only does this include the medical bills that have already been paid by your insurance company, so they would be reimbursed from the medical compensation, but any future medical care you may need as well. Should you need long-term treatment, usually a sum will be calculated through the estimated cost for the estimated amount of time.

Lost Wages After an Accident in Visalia

Many of those who have been in a car accident have lost out on wages they would have been able to earn had they been able to go to work. At the time of the personal injury claim award, you may still not be able to return to work. A sum can be calculated based on the estimated time you will be out of work. If you become permanently disabled due to the accident in Visalia, that will be figured in as well. Some of those involved in accidents may be able to return to work, but not the same type of work they did before. If schooling or training is required for the change in careers, the person or entity at fault may be found liable.

Property Damage

The least important type of compensation for a personal injury claim is that for property damage. If your vehicle was damaged or even totaled in the accident, it may need to be replaced. However, it’s much more important to help cover the wages lost due to time away from work and for any medical expenses, past and future, that arise due to necessary treatment.

After an accident in Visalia, you’ll want to discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury attorney. With a free and confidential consultation with Martin Gasparian at the Maison Law Firm in Visalia, you can learn more about what your options are and decide if negotiating a bigger settlement or taking the insurance company and entity at fault to court is in your best interest. Call the office at (559) 203-3333 to schedule that consultation today.


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