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Airbag Injury

How a Malfunctioning Sensor Can Cause an Airbag Injury

Air bags are meant to cushion impact when you are in a car accident. These safety devices can deploy seemingly instantaneously to stop passengers from flying forward into the dash or windshield. Sensors within the vehicle initiate air bag deployment; it is vital these sensors work correctly for safety. If an air bag sensor malfunctions, it can cause a serious air bag injury.

There are two different types of malfunctioning air bag sensor issues that can cause an airbag injury. Sensors gauge deceleration and deploy air bags when a quick stop or deceleration occur. When an air bag deploys when there is not an accident, it can cause unnecessary injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. The second type of sensor malefaction is non-activation during an impact crash.

Random Deployment Air Bag Injury

Sensors should only initiate deployment when a vehicle quickly decelerates. When a sensor is not working correctly or is defective, an air bag could randomly deploy. Hitting a bump or pot hole in the road or just slowing down could cause a defective sensor to deploy air bags. Drivers and passengers can sustain an air bag injury to their head, torso, arms or hands.

Air bags deploy at about 200 MPH to protect against serious impact against hard surfaces. While some minor injuries from air bags are common, they are preferable to a deadly vehicle impact injury. When a sensor deploys an air bag randomly, the injuries can be serious and unwarranted.

Air Bag Does Not Deploy

When an air bag sensor malfunctions during an accident, it could cause the air bag not to deploy when needed. Occupants of the vehicle could be severely injured or lose their life due to defective air bag sensors.

Air bags are a safety feature that are expected to work as advertised. When a sensor causes random redeployment or does not deploy an air bag during a wreck, this malfunction can cause a serious air bag injury or death. Vehicle manufacturers can be held liable for injuries caused by defective products like malfunctioning sensors in a personal injury lawsuit.

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