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Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries and Sleep

There is bad news and good news about spinal cord injuries. The bad news is that not only does a spinal cord injury often leave the victim in a state of partial or full paralysis, but researchers at UT Austin say it can also deeply affect the patient’s internal clock, throwing off their body’s cycles and activities involving everything from their hormones to sleep cycles. The circadian rhythms are important for regulating and every cell in the body, with sleep restoration and all processes, and the spinal column has a lot to do with conducting information down the length of the body. When it’s damaged, it’s deeply hindered from doing that function properly.

The good news is that knowing how the body’s clock systems work can give us clues as to how to create therapies to address various aspects of the spinal column’s recovery, possibly using this circadian rhythm message system in paralysis-related treatment. Making headway with this approach may be a long way off, but it’s hopeful. In the meantime, it is possible that along with paralysis, these types of injuries can affect our ability to sleep and compromise our very method of coping and repairing our systems after the spinal trauma.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Liability Claims

One of the most serious types of injuries sustainable is a spinal cord injury. It can result in paralysis, lifelong difficulties and death. It devastates a survivor’s life as well as the family that takes care of them. Common causes of spinal cord injury is vehicle and work accidents, extreme and other sports, as well as risky spinal cord medical procedures. Even with insurance coverage, this type of injury creates extreme financial difficulties, mental anguish, physical suffering, loss of lifestyle, relationships, and emotional security for victim and family in both death and injury scenarios.

Because there are so many types of damages that occur with a spinal cord injury, establishing liability is extremely important. Claims can be complicated and encompass not only multiple damages, but multiple parties who could be linked to liability. It’s critical that anyone involved in a spinal cord injury or wrongful death claim be backed up by a compassionate but knowledgeable attorney with serious experience in personal injury law. The Maison Law Firm will look at your losses from a wholistic point of view. We cannot change what happened to you, but we can work with you, your insurance company and all other involved agencies to see that your full compensation entitlement is met. We want to see you can get on the road to figuring out your new family or life reality. If you or your family is dealing with a spinal cord injury or wrongful death, don’t wait to contact us for help.


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