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Slip and Fall, Visalia

Reporting a Slip and Fall Incident in Visalia

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that out of the top 12 causes of death in the US, unintentional injuries (accidents) come in 3rd after heart disease and cancer. According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall non-fatal injuries and deaths are number three in the top 10 preventable injuries each year in the United States, preceded only by poisoning and motor vehicle accidents. These top three types of injuries make up 82 percent of all injuries, which illustrates how prevalent it is to slip and fall and get hurt or worse.

The Meaning of a Slip and Fall Incident in Visalia

Slip and fall accidents are very common all over the country, and Visalia, CA, is no different. In fact, due to the high number of tourists and attractions in Visalia and Tulare County and the large population, falling injuries in local emergency rooms are common. Residents and visitors to Visalia should to be aware of the premises liability law. This law outlines the responsibility of property owners or occupiers for injury prevention. This usually relates to slipping and falling. The falling incident could occur indoors or outdoors.

Steps for Reporting a Claim for Injury After Falling

It’s important to protect yourself if you believe you are injured due to the negligence of another party. If liability of another party is proven, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. If you fall and even suspect an injury, you should take these steps right away:

  • Get medical treatment Whether someone phones for an ambulance or you’re able to drive to the emergency room, you’ll need to have your injury looked at and treated right away. Don’t take a chance that you’re hurt worse than you might initially think. Realizing you have injuries after the fact can complicate your treatment or increase your risk of worse injury later.
  • Photos and details Take note of your location, and the time and circumstance of the fall. As soon as possible, get photos of the area of the fall, noting any conditions that might have contributed to the incident. This includes getting details, names and contact info from witnesses.
  • Documentation To file a claim, you’ll need to determine liability, which requires proof that the property owner or manager was negligent in some manner that contributed to your fall and resulting injury. Reports from the business, police and any agency, also medical reports and witness statements should be collected. Your attorney will use this documentation as part of their investigation.
  • Contact your attorney Because your claim is sure to involve people who would rather not pay for your injuries, such as the property owners as well as an insurance company, you don’t want to handle a claim on your own. You’ll need an experienced and compassionate local personal injury attorney to protect your rights. The sooner they begin their investigation, the better. As time passes, it will be tougher to prove your claim.

Most of the time, falling is not the fault of the injured party. Common hazards that often cause a fall include debris, a slippery substance or liquid, damaged structures and items that should have been repaired or removed. If injury is involved, it’s always advisable to protect yourself by getting documentation of the incident, the injuries and related expenses incurred because of the fall.

The Maison Law Firm understands how a fall can impact your life immediately and in the future. Don’t get caught without help securing your future medical bills and proper treatment. We will also determine your damages based on other types of losses you might not consider, such as missed wages from time off the job. We also help loved ones sort out complex wrongful death claims. If you’ve been injured or a family member has died due to a fall, contact us for a free consultation right away.


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